9 May Journal

Hola Chico’s es Chica’s. TO all the fellow mothers out there, HAPPY MOTHERS DAY! It is a cloudy and windy Sunday. Storms are to be here later today after lunch time. The temps are nice and so I decided to wear a bikini top and some volleyball shorts today. That could change as I never know what will happen in the course of the day. I am hoping I don’t blow away before this storm system and cold front comes through.

Mothers day breakfast was simple for me. Eggs, sautéed onions, swiss cheese, lunch ham and homemade sauerkraut. That sauerkraut does have a totally different flavor than the store purchased stuff. I let it ferment longer than the 30 days. It didn’t seem to be changing much and was with a tartness to it so I recapped it and stored in the fridge yesterday. I do have some garlic fermenting and another stab at the pickle department. As I have made my salsa verde I think I Have come to the conclusion that adding coriander (AKA Cilantro) to my ferment it gives a nice sour tartness to it. So I added some sprigs of my homegrown cilantro to my pickles. I I am learning that I am not real big on dill seed. Maybe I should try sprigs of dill weed when it finally grows to where it can be used. I am hoping this batch of pickle attempt will come out better than the last one. It was totally gross. I do have some onion and jalapeno ferment going also, as well as a batch salsa verde since I used all the last of the first batch of verde yesterday. That was good stuff, a bit more sour than I wanted but it was still good.

Friday was a weird day for me. Went to the office for a little bit, then came home. Made a call about how much to replace the front tire on the motorbike. The price was ok for me and so I decided to take it in and get it done. Loose wheel only. So I scrambled and got the rim and tire off, tossed it in the car along with the new tire I had bought. I no sooner got home when they called and said it was ready. So I finished my lunch and went back to pick it up. At first I though they put it on backwards. I was looking at the tread design and it looked backwards. We looked for the direction arrow and it was on correct. I got home installed the tire between work tasks and then took off after work with a new tire. The feel is totally different than I am accustomed to with the old tire. The old tire was cracking and ready to be replaced. They did tell me the first 100 miles the tire would be slick . So I think that may have something to do with higher speed swerving that didn’t feel correct to me. Once it wears in a little I think it will get better.

I Have not decided yet on what I am doing for dinner. Breakfast was to big to think about lunch much less dinner. Maybe some admirer would bring something to me. I do plan on making up some brownies though. I did lay out chicken and will decide what to do with it when I Get hungry.

So the drama at work came to a head this past week. My now previous, yet most recent boss was told to go ahead and just take off. He had turned in his two week notice a couple weeks ago and then there was some company countermeasures to keep him. In the end the other company offered more and so the decision was made to leave. Then he was asked to turn in his stuff and move on. He was mad and well, so be it. I hate to say that I am rather glad he isn’t here anymore. His ability to stay focused was horrible. He was always attempting to please EVERYONE at the same time and yet nothing was ever done. There is some rumor mill talk that the upper management wants me to take his spot. I can safely say not just no but, hell no. I was a supervisor for this company before and owned my own business and was a manager of a few other places in 30 years of work force. Yes I am capable of it, at least to a point. What I don’t like is the constant calls and reaching into my personal life. You work tons of hours for the same pay. I got to a point in all of those positions that I nearly lost myself and my mind. So in my advanced age, I have learned that I am a support person. I am a doer and not a talker. I hate sitting in meetings and conference calls talking about reports and what needs done for hours and days on end. Those talks end up never getting anything done. Instead of actually doing, we talk about doing and the stuff talked about is sitting and complained about because it wasn’t done. Go figure. I also noticed also, the lifespan of a supervisor with this company in the maintenance department is about 2 years. That is from area maintenance managers up to the VP Of Maintenance. I Am not sure if it is the work load, stress both, boredom. Who knows and I really am not about being more than that support person that is given a task and gets it done. We will see what happens coming this next week and learn more about the desires of the upper and middle management.

Well Folks, I do need to get up and get some Sunday Cleaning finished up. I think Heard some thunder and need to get the radios disconnected from the outside world. Since I started writing this, rain has fallen for a few minutes rather hard. Which isn’t a care, the lightening is a concern. I have to get my Yoga in today. Something that is a daily thing aside from Friday and Saturday. Somehow it seems to be skipped on those two days. Maybe I am to busy or some semblance there of. So it seems that is paying off as well as my food changes has resulted in my 20 pounds of weight loss. So I hope you all have a wonderful day. Hopefully you will say something and do something for your mothers. We do seem to have chores and other things that are somewhat expected and not appreciated. Those things we do with no complaint and no expectation of return for our labors. We usually look at the outcome and relish in what we have done, the growing of children and families to a better place than where we started out. So go, say Thank You MOM to your moms. THey do a lot more than you realize in the end. TO my OWN MOTHER< HAPPY MOTHERS DAY, THANK YOU, I LOVE YOU……

Love Candi

2 May Jounal

Good Morning everyone! Welcome to the third rock from the sun!! WHOO WHOO!!! Around and around we go, circling that giant ball of fire.
Can you believe we are into May, like almost half a year already. WOW Where does time go? Today is a cloudy comfortable day aside from the now ever present humidity that is now taking over the land of Dixie. My Daughter says it has been raining nonstop all week back in my home town. Which is crazy since we never see rain like that back in West Texas. We are expecting rain and thunderstorms today and the radio may get disconnected as a result. SPeaking of the radio, I did finally make a couple of contacts on the air. After almost 5 months of hiatus it was really fun. The sending is still a little shaky and yet if I get more air time, it will return to pre-hiatus ability. I did have fun and was relaxed.

So I have my new batch of 2.5 quarts of fermented salsa prepped and in the fridge. It started out as 4.5 quarts. After removing access liquid and putting back into the jars, I had 2 jars to be washed. I still need to check on my pickles today and see if they are ready. The sauerkraut will need more time to settle into its real flavor that I am after. Maybe the Sauerkraut is not going to be what I am accustomed to from the grocery. So It could be ready now and I am not accustomed to that. I will have to check on it again today also and see if it meets my expectation. Though I am not really sure what I expect.

Yesterday I did way to much. I got the car vacuumed, washed, went to the grocery, tried to get the oil in the car changed, and mowed the yard. Sadly the oil change did not happen. The place had no one there to do the oil change. It appears that no one wants to work these days. I am hearing that all over the place from people I know who are in positions that require them to have others to do work or assist in the work to be done. This seems to a rampid issue here lately. As I attempt to get goods from various vendors, they are not able to supply what I need. When the reach out to the manufacturer, it is the same story everywhere. The manufacturer has not enough people to get the product out in pre-covid ways. On top of that, whether they do or don’t have the people, they are short on supplies to make that happen also. That is probably due to the people working, should I say not working, in the raw material industry has the same issue. Even if they don’t, the transportation side is failing also. To bring this point home, I ordered a couple things over the last two months. One item came to Memphis, sat for like two weeks then ended up in another state for a couple weeks, then when the company sent the replacement, I got the original a few days later, then the replacement a couple days after that. Another item I ordered came in all busted up and had to be replaced. THis is a pain the back side for sure. I ordered something early Friday morning and they state it shipped. It has not yet per the tracking left the facility where it is being shipped from. They claim it will be here on 6 May. We will see what happens.
Back on track, I did all that previously mentioned stuff and didn’t even stop until about 5PM. I was and still am hurting in ways I have forgotten about. After being a lazy woman for 4 months it has been a chore to get things finished up that were let go. I can say I am about finished with all my cleaning and left over cluttery messes. I can finally settle down for some much needed radio time. Have some decent time to myself without over worry of when I am going to pee.

Speaking of health, I have added Yoga back into my daily routine. I have been feeling lots better since that too. ALso, my eating is still low compared to a few months ago and I am proud to say it has been paying off. I have lost about 20 pounds now. I feel lots better and have a bit a more energy than I have had. Which has been a great thing . I am not sure if I am done 100% with this bladder thing, as certain things I drink seem to put the bladder or urinary system into overdrive. Such as last night when I had a smoothie just after dinner about 5pm. About an hour later I was in the bathroom going pee again. And again and again……. That was an all night affair and realized I needed not to have that. Though I am trying to decide if it was fruits or the chocolate almond milk or if it is the almond milk in general. As My only cow milk intake is some swiss cheese at breakfast sometimes. I have pretty much removed all real milk from my diet. That could be a reason for the weight loss also. Not that I was drinking all that much. A half gallon would last a week or more, usually more. Anyways I am feeling so more energetic and it is great. Having to learn what I need to do with sleep and diet with exercise to maintain my now post 50 self. Which is going to be great! Single and flirting. HAHAHA

Speaking of flirting, which has crossed my mind a lot lately. I have noticed that some fellows are still staring at this old woman. Maybe I am not as old as I know I am. As I was mowing, a guy that was mowing down street, a person that was hired, kept staring at me while I mowed my yard. IT was obvious that he was getting a bit of an excitement on the view I guess. Then later when I was washing the car, in my bathing suit, I know I looked up as the cars went by to see the men all but crashing their car. I tried to not be self conscious of the stares. Though it is exciting its also a little disheartening. Seeing as I can turn heads like crazy and yet still be single. What is that mess that I cant get a guy and yet they ogle like they never seen a cute woman before? Maybe I am not as open as I should be to the whole dating idea at my age. I am also fearful of another failed relationship. Then again, I wont learn any way to be with another relationship if I dont even attempt it. Which is giving up and not living life, so to speak. I just don’t want a relationship for the wrong reasons. Such as the old fellow next door who cannot seem to understand why I am single. He stares at me on a regular basis. He even flirts with me. I usually dismiss the flirts as he isn’t knowing of my past or who I was at once time. I am not sure he would be able to accept it based on some conversation with him through the last year or so. On some of the dating sites, guys will chat with me. They however, never ask me out to a date. Some are so far away that a date will not happen anyways. Over the last 4 years or so, I have tried to learn the one thing that makes anyone whole. That is to love oneself. Something that I am not sure hit home 100% until the past 4 months or so. Now, As I am learning that one thing and actually doing it, I Am feeling muches better. I am not eating a stress comfort. Not only that but I am doing things that I enjoy and getting myself back into an order that I never known my whole life. I am learning that I am strong, smart and able as a woman alone. I spent my whole life living with someone. I have been single and living alone for now on 4+ years. I can and will be me and happy. Though That happy came in spurts over the course of the last few years. The words I read somewhere ring home more now that ever; “You are the longest commitment you will ever have.” So I am doing just that, working on me and no one else. Though I am a little stagnant at the moment in my forward movement. That is something I am attempting to get out of and move on with me again like I was a few years ago when I became single. It doesn’t take another person in my life to make me happy. THey should be a compliment to that already happy place I am at.

Well folks, It is time to get back on to my Sunday chores and get some down time after yesterday. Hope you all have a great day everyone!!!

Love Candi

25 April Journal

Happy Sunday Morning Everyone!!! It is foggy and sunny here a little chilly with the temps in the 40’s. IT has been a bit cold for the season here all week. A couple nights we got into the frost area with some freezing temps in some areas. WOW is all I can say for mid-April.

Yesterday was another busy day of cleaning and making those decisions to trash or get rid of clutter. Kitchen is pretty well done aside from those extra cookware items that I am still in a turmoil over. I have about talked myself into the whole idea that its fine to let go of those things. I do have other items that actually serve the same sentimental value as those things do. I honestly need the space. What I have to tell myself is that those items can never replace memories of days gone by. They are also just items that aren’t even being decorative either. Those things are simply collecting dust in the drawer or cabinet. I don’t have to hold on to EVERYTHING, much as I would like to. They cannot ever bring those days back. They cannot replace the memories or the fun and pain. I Am talking about this here basically to myself. I am me and no one else. Holding on to the past of my life leaves little room to move into the future. You would think I would have found that out by now right?! Anyway, the only thing left is the office area. Which is going to be another undertaking that I am not wanting to get started on. It seems every time I get into the office room to clean and declutter, the stuff ends up somewhere else in the house rather than out of the house. I do think I Am prepared to move those things out and some of it trashed or sold. Other items back into storage is the plan. I am planning on moving into my own place that is mine here before long and need to start working on getting some stuff out of here so I don’t have so much to move later all at once. IT is a work in progress. HAHA! Always!

So in the world from my point of view, I am seeing that world is getting stupid. The news is pushing some of it hard too. It appears that there isn’t enough happening that they were grasping at straws to get a story. Now, we have this hard push to get rid of guns. I fear that will be like the drug issues, it isn’t going to go away. I also seem to think that the shootings here recently are a ploy to make a point that would have never happened in the first place if it wasn’t for this push to rid ourselves of a defense. Now there are those who obviously use that same defense tool as an offense tool to ensure survival. That is simply wrong. Sadly, the correction, so they say, is to remove the tool from everyone. That is to me, basically punishing the innocent in lieu of the guilty. That is because the guilty are good at hiding or talking their way out of the situation. Or they simply destroy themselves. The sad thing is that the people are idiots. I am not sure punishing everyone, innocent and guilty alike is the answer. I do feel that kind of thinking results in mass hate of government. Not that everyone is for the current government here, nor were some for the past government. Sadly, what needs to happen in a true fashion, is the term limit on the congress an senate people. But that isn’t what we are discussing here. WE are discussing the now fact that we went from one type of hate to another. One type of tyrant on the right to another on the left. Both of which are telling the center what to do and tearing that body apart. What most people aren’t seeing is the right and left wing are part of the same bird. When they right and left fight, it tears down core in the process. In nature, at some point, an animal will sever itself from the item that has caused pain. I wonder if we as a country are about to that point now. In a smaller level, when a family member is or believes in other things than the rest of the family, it seems they cannot accept that person who is “outside” the box. This is cause for a severing of the family ties and a painful movement forward or sometimes backwards movement. What I am getting into now is the idea of hate of others. Hate because someone, a human of all things, is different. That hate crosses gender, skin color, religion, lifestyle, sexual orientation and a number of other things. So now as we atone for black injustice at the hands of police, we are hearing the stories of laws against trans people just because they are different. Why I ask? Are Trans-people such a threat that they need to be eradicated from the planet? Are they like Jewish people during the Hitler regime? Are they like the Native Americans whom never got back what was taken by white people in the name of God? What about the others who have been repressed and hated such as the black skinned people that were bought and sold like a piece of furniture. Many of whom now are reeling from the current version of that same repression their ancestors. Why is it that a “white” Person who reads the same books and believes in the same religious beliefs hate another person so much? I have read the “Bible” A few times from cover to cover. The things I read in that book that are not what is being taught by the people preaching the “word”. I Heard preachers teach hate, oppression and that things outside of the white in the box ideas are to be repressed. I never read that in the Bible myself. MAybe I am stupid. If anything puts me in a depressing mood more than another, it is the hate of the others based on the fact they are different in some way. For that, I get a hate of those who have a hate for the ones that are outside their box. We need to get off of our high horse of hate of different and learn to be nice to others no matter what.

Ok so I have a ton of things to do today again. Laundry needs to be finished. I have a rug I Am making out of old climbing rope. IT has turned into a tedious task. Mostly it is the tying the stuff together. I already have about 10 hours on it and am only about half done. I don’t think I will make another one. This is truly a lesson in patience and tediousness. I like to do detailed working stuff. But it comes to a point where the sitting in weird positions to tie strings to those parts together. IT is coming out good and I am not sure where I am going to put the thing when I am done. Sadly, 200 feet of rope did not yield much of a rug. About 4 feet long and a couple feet wide. It is cute though.

So folks I do need to get up and get started on my chores for the day. Get the laundry out of dryer and see about working on the rug some more so I can be done with it. Still not sure about what I am doing for dinner yet. Maybe meatloaf since I have not done that in a while. Not that I need a greasy meatloaf in my diet and I may regret it. Seeing as my diet has changed up so much that I did lose 15 pounds. I want to stay on that track also.

Have a Great DAY!!!

Love Candi

19 April Journal

Happy Manic Monday. I am immersed in work and relearning, no, actually getting back to being able to copy my Morse Code again. I am making good head way there. I think anyways. Still slower than it was a few months ago but that comes from not using it.

Yesterdays post was a bit hurried as I had a ton of things to do. I got most of that part done in the kitchen, YAY! As I have had time today between tasks I been working on other parts of what is left. Also been working on my home office. It turned into a clutter bug of a mess too in the last few months. Yesterday made it worse. I have decided that a great many things are needing to just simply vanish from my house. I mentioned this yesterday. As I go through the cluttered mess of crap I have, I am working on the decision of what needs to be sold, donated and trashed. As I mentioned there are things with a sentimental value that are the toughest to go through. I do have a collection of old magazines a friend has sent me and I guess those really need to go away as I have read them. I also received some more on Saturday that I have yet to open. Then There are those things that I have boxed up and need to take to storage and get them out of the house. Just some knickknacks that need a larger house to be displayed. Some of it probably needs to go away to more honest. some stuff is the antique stuff that I don’t use but is kind of rustic and cute to have around sometimes. Other times they are just simply clutter and collecting dust. Then you have the project material and half finished sewing of a pair of pants that I hope to get back onto this afternoon after working. I dug out some old rappelling rope that I want to make a rug out of. Its not much good for anything else now that its gotten old. But the multicolored and solid green rope wound around itself would look good as a rug I think. Fits into my little motif of things I do believe. If it doesn’t, then I guess I can toss it. So My biggest plan so far is to finish the kitchen and living room, then finish sewing the pants up that are all but done. Only need the pockets and the side and inseam sewing finished up. Then I can move on the finishing the office area to get it less cluttered. Then off to the bedroom to dig through things in there once again, especially in the area where I do my make up. I turned it into a clutter bug also. What the hell is wrong with me I say!!!?

so in the news there has not been much worth looking at honestly. The same old covid mess as usual. It appears they are grasping at straws to find a story. Talking about traffic accidents and other minor stuff is a lot better than hearing about the political left and right wing trying to tear apart the bird they are connected to. That has gotten old and at least it isn’t forefront every time I turn on the TV. Years ago I almost came totally unglued at the seams by watching and keeping up with all this news and political crap. Ended up on antidepressants and nearly lost it completely. So I stepped away, got off the antidepressing meds and moved on with my life. It was not the funnest of times in my life. Much like the last 4 months of dealing with this whole bladder mess. can you tell I am feeling better? I can for sure. When you get into one of those dark holes it is hard as hell to get out of them. it can be done, you just have to be willing to step away from things and move on forward. Sitting there being stagnant is not a good way to live.

Speaking of the covid mess,. That shot is really scaring me out of my wits. I have not taken one yet. I do know of a good many number of people who have had that shot and ended up sick in bed. One friend is fighting a kidney stone another one of my besties aunts died from the shot a month ago. She was fine and dandy, got the shot, got sick as hell and passed away. Another friend has had issues with massive fatigue and muscle aches. Another has been in bed since Thursday with migraines and no desires to get up because everything hurts so bad in his body. Then you have the one med they pulled due to blood clotting issues. I still don’t understand how something like this could be allowed to leak out into the general population and let spread like this has. I just personally cannot see that this is some freak thing that happened.

So In my cooking world, I had some BBQ Steak, rice and Green beans. It was good but seemed like something was missing from the flavor. I don’t know what I did wrong in that. Maybe I just needed some salt in the rice or something. As I was cleaning up I found all the paper recipes I have printed out and wrote them onto the 3×5 cards today. Even some I made up myself. I needed to get that cleaned up and have threatened to do that for a couple years now. when I go and make up something new or an old dish I had designed years and years ago I will have to start writing them down. In that I found a breakfast nacho bake. I have the stuff already done up and just have to put it together. So I may do that for dinner tonight. Oh and I made another smoothie this morning for breakfast. It would have been wonderful had I not put that old nut and berry packet in it. I had that nut pack for longer than I should have. It had a weird a smell as I dumped it into the blender. Then when I tasted it, it was horrible. So I dumped out the stuff and decided it was a lesson learned in the check the expiration date on things. I do rotate my goods so they are not getting old and unusable. When I found this, I didn’t think anything of it. I know better now. some stuff will last for seemingly ever. Like rice, dry beans, and stuff like that. But when It comes to fruit and veggies that is a no no. Even frozen stuff needs to be used in a time that freezer burn wont kill it. I am still putting my hutch together with stuff in it. I am amazed that I have all my silverware stuff aside from the cooking utensils all in one drawer with space to spare. I still have some smaller drawers that I am not sure what all to put in them. I did manage to put the pickle pipes in one. The Flat sealing part of of the mason jar lids in another as needed. Another one managed to come to a couple pens and 3×5 cards and then another with the matches in them that were all stored in a coffee can. I think that still leaves a couple with nothing in them. Which is fine and dandy it doesn’t have to be completely filled to the brim anyways. So I will dig out the recipe for the nacho bake and see what happens with that tonight for dinner. If it is good enough, I dont forget, I can report on it in Sundays post.

Well Folks, I do have an hour and almost half of another one to finish of work. Not that there is much is going on honestly. But still I have to stay focused on that. Hope you all have a great rest of the day!!!

Love Candi

18 April Journal

Good Sunday Morning Everyone! IT started out a rushing morning. The Sun was shining and now we are all cloudy again. The Chill is seemingly wanting to hold on to the land. It has been a very busy day and weekend already. I made it to the grocery and got home without coffee or breakfast. I got up late, after daylight arrived. I got home put that away and then did dishes and tried to get my mess cleaned up. I got to much shit in this house. Especially now that I been going through what I have in my old hutch. A lot of stuff really needs to find a new home. Baking glass dishes and pie plates that I never use. I do all my baking in my cast iron skillets or pots. I hate to get rid of them as I may need them one day if I ever have company for a holiday and need to bake up a pie or something. Though I highly doubt that will happen anytime soon. Some of this stuff was handed down by my grandma and I hate to get rid of it. Yet at the same time, my style of cooking and what I find “cool” is a lot different than hers for sure. I am finding it so hard to just toss shit out that was given as a type of “heirloom”. Much thought will come before I decide what to do with it.

I did buy the hutch. Funny how things look one size and measurements say one thing. Then you get the thing home and realize it is way bigger than your house can hold. That is without it dwarfing a room. I Have never done that but once before. My brother did it with a TV and I did it with a sectional “L” shaped couch that my ex just had to have. So I wanted a new “Candi” hutch. One that was of the type that fits my likes and desires. I went on Friday to measure and see if it would fit my area I wanted it in, if it came apart and lastly, if the price would be lowered. The price was a thousand less than was listed. The Measurements would fit and so I went for it. Then yesterday I went to rent a trailer to get it home, commandeer some assistance and off I went to get the thing. I being at 6’4″ tall didn’t see it as an elephant. By Bestie saw it as such and well, it was lighter than I expected. The bottom part is simple to lift. The top for what it is, is not as heavy as it appears but does have a touch of heft. So we got it to my house, her son came to help and we had it in the house and almost in place. It is about 2 inches taller than would fit into the corner like I wanted. BUt it is in and I can still go out the sliding door that I rarely use. So with the old hutch in place I then realized what I bought, a damned elephant. The new hutch totally dwarfed the old one. I had made plans for a good friend that I trust to have the old one. I really have no room for it now as you will see below. Forgive the mess as I am working on cleaning that up. I do love this new “elephant” hutch. I still have room to put more “junk” in it. Though I am trying to not have the “junk” in it but stuff that I will be using for my fermenting and cooking. YES folks I AM IN LOVE WITH IT.

So this morning I got a habanero salsa made and started up some pickled onions. I used the left over brine from the habanero ferment to jump start the ferment of the pickles. I had extra brine since I did not want a pepper sauce. I laid out some meat for dinner and have yet to decide what I am going to do with it. I still have a lot of cleaning up to do and some laundry to finish up. To much to do and not enough time to get it all done. As this bladder thing has been getting under control, I am sleeping and feel exhausted. I guess 4 months of not sleeping is catching up with me. I do feel tons better. I Am glad of that. Now I think it was sent to a fellow radio operator. He now has a stone that will require surgery to remove. Almost 3/8 inch diameter. I feel bad for him as I know all to well about bladder things.

Well folks, My break is over now. I need to get laundry finished up and get some cleaning done up as much as I can anyways. Have a wonderful day!

TTFN Love Candi

11 April Journal

Good Morning everyone! It is Sunday, sunny and nice temps. Right now in the 50s and up to mid 70s later. I had started laundry yesterday, actually two loads this week. Towels and sheets then my clothes. I been in the kitchen working on some stuff that needed to be tended to in the ferment department. More on that later.

Page 2- Went out yesterday to the antique shops. I was looking for the enameled pots and a new kitchen hutch thing. I call it a hutch as that Is what I grew up calling it. I found one that I absolutely fell in love with. Its awfully pricey and I may still get it. I will need a trailer to get it home. But it is absolutely beautiful and I am totally in love. It will do all I want to do with a hutch. IT will not allow some other things to be stored the way I want. Pic Above.
My bestie got a record player in her travels the last few weeks. She was looking at records. I found an antique Phonograph player that it all totally mechanical. I showed it to her, and later on our way to another store, she decided she wanted it. So we ended up later in the day back at the first shop to get the player. A loose screw and couple adjustments and a couple ruined shirts later I had it working. She said the handle was loose and wouldnt play the record. I got thinking that she probably wound it backwards. When you do that it unscrews the handle out of the machine. So I think there is nothing wrong with it but operator error. We did learn that the old phonograph will not play a newer “vinyl” record. The grooves in a new record is not the same as the old 78 RPM records and the weight is also different. The tone arm is very heavy compared to a modern tone arm. Which is not good on the new records. Either way she is at the moment, happy with her purchase. Especially since the price was correct compared to others she found online since then.

So I tried to get on the radio last week. I ended up with antenna issues. The feed back and power output was goofy as well as the SWR. I tested and retested, thought and rethought what I needed to do. I built a new antenna in the haste of an issue. Then it hit me to see about the feed line. I did replace the feedline rather than the antenna and it seems that the issue may be corrected. The bands have been busy leaving me with no space to test last night. So I do plan on being in there again today. I have had to practice on my Code Copy again in earnest. My copying has gotten rather crappy over the last 4 months of not using it. So I put the practice stuff on my phone and when I am working, with nothing to do, I been listening to stuff on a website for the study of the CW. I can say it is coming back better than before. Though I still have work to do.

Back to the ferment thing. I have been fermenting all kinds of stuff the last several weeks. Salsa and pepper sauce is the primary things. They are a relatively short ferment for the most part. The result has been great and full of flavors that are robust and sometimes tart. Full of probiotic stuff that we need in our guts and more healthy than the store bought stuff that is pasteurized and kills any good for you stuff in the vegetables that are being used. The major down fall is that fermented food cannot be stored in the cupboard. You have to keep it refrigerated. BUt I can say the flavors are so wonderful its uncanny. I do have some cabbage being fermented into sauerkraut. I still have the Curtido but am I not happy with the flavor that came from that. Maybe There is something I did wrong so it is about to get tossed as I think it is not right I don’t think. This morning I got the salsa verde together and separated the extra juice and am using that as a pepper sauce and the salsa in the fridge. I did taste some of that it is very good and a different flavor than my normal love of a different salsa that is more spicy.
In other cooking of things, not much has really been happening. What I made last week was good but just did not satisfy my palate like I wanted. Today the crock pot is on with some beans and sausage. I will make up a batch of rice to go with it later. Simple and allowing me time to do some other things that I need to do around the house as I am feeling a little better than I have in months. Just need to get back into doing some of the stuff I have let go for the last 4 months. I kind of splurged the last couple days and have to get back into my lesser eating habit that has actually helped me a lot more than anything. Not to mention the changes of the diet. I Am still not out of the woods yet in the bladder issue. The urologist did prescribe a different antibiotic. The pharmacist is waiting on a reply from the doctor before they fill it. Turns out that potassium can get really wacky and cause issues with other hormone pill I take which is also a potassium sparing diuretic. So that is something I will also attempt to get an answer about tomorrow as well as my pharmacist. It seems I am still fighting the infection and its become a little more than resistant to the antibiotics I have had to date. All this because I purposely allowed myself to get dehydrated.

Well folks, I do need to get up off my tush and move onto the chores for the day. Hopefully that wont take long to finish up. I didn’t have a lot clothing to wash and the towels and sheets are usually pretty simple to fold. Well, aside from that silly fitted sheet. I hate folding those. I Never got the hang of it in my whole life. Then, Hopefully, I can get on the air if I don’t get a visitor who tends to interrupt my Sunday fun day time. LOL> He too is a radio operator but is not as outgoing on the radio as I am. I need to stitch the slit in a skirt that when I put it on yesterday, was so high that my tushy was a little exposed. The skirt was long enough, the slit was up to high. I will be doing more thinking on the hutch I saw. That is if it is still there next week. I may even call them or email them and see if the vendor will take less than the amount listed on it. As I am totally in love with that thing.

Have A wonderful day everyone!!!

LOve Candi

4 April Journal

Good Sunday Morning folks! Its Easter Sunday and many people are probably out doing their Easter festivities. As with every holiday, I am spending it alone. I do have some carrots, small potatoes and onion in the crock pot. I have some porkchops and hot links for the grill. Just enough to last me a couple days. Another part of me attempting to keep my diet lesser in fat and cholesterol. I have my Curtido done. A fermented pepper sauce is finished with its little thing. I will say that the pepper sauce is of a deep flavor and tart as well as spicy. I started a couple jars of salsa verde to ferment as well as some pickles. We will see what happens. So far I am impressed with out comes of the items that have completed their ferment. Those are the faster ferments like salsas and the curtido. I am learning that the peppers seem to ferment much faster than the not so spicy vegetables. I was going to try out my curtido with breakfast today and decided not to in lieu of the store bought stuff I need to use up. I have other reasons also.

The sun has been a welcome shining ray of hope here lately. Storms came through on Tuesday. It has been cold since then. The warmth is finally returning and the plants I have the pots are now back outside. Some are already popping up and showing themselves. A sign of good food to come I hope. I have had windows open off and on depending on the temps here. Sometimes I have the A/C on and others the heat. I will probably end up with the windows open today also. IT is supposed to be about 70 degrees. I have a few things outside I need to do. I need to move some boxes to storage and a couple others to the second hand store. I am working on my cleaning and decluttering as much as I can given the issues I am dealing with. I Am hoping to end up with my own place that I am purchasing rather than renting here by the end of the year. I will have to see what happens as I move towards that goal. So with that in mind, I Am working to get rid of past things that are no longer needed and remove certain things out of my life that are a reminder of bad things that have gone through my world. Some will obviously be kept for various reasons. They are heirlooms after all.

Moving on to the bladder issue. I have been to the urologist. He did put me on an antibiotic that has been kicking me in the tush. There is a possibility that I have a blockage and have to return in about two weeks for a couple other tests. Now that I am not fighting the infection as much, I am feeling that blockage thing could very well be true. I know I am ready to get rid of this mess and move on with my life and the happiness I came to know over the last several years of being single. Being confined to the house for nearly a year, being laid off 4 times from the same job, and then not being able to be more than 5 minutes from the restroom has wreaked havoc on my life. I know there are others that have had some of the same issues. I feel your pain. I am feeling a little better to a point. I just want to get back to normalcy in so many ways.

I had made some fajitas earlier this week. They were good but, somehow I managed to get the spice level a bit more than I really wanted. Believe it or not, it was to spicy for me. That is hard to do with my love of spice. I only put a couple serrano peppers in it with a couple jalapenos. These much have been some really good peppers to have been that hot. I got them from a different place than my normal grocery. I went to the place that has the dried peppers. I must say they have some really good peppers there. They do not have habanero peppers at all. I got everything else aside from the cilantro and habanero peppers. I need to get more things from that other store and actually do more browsing too. They place is rather large and I have not yet been through the whole store. I am still attempting to compare prices between my regular store and the new place. The good thing about the new place is they also have an ace hardware store in the store also. So I can pick up a number of things while I am there. They also seem to have things on the shelves unlike the wally world place. I am still looking for a decent sized canning funnel. I Hate to buy on line a number of things. Here lately, the carriers cannot seem to get the stuff to you. IF they do, its damaged and you have to wait longer again for a replacement. I am a hands on girl when it comes to shopping. I want to see and feel the item before I go through the trouble of purchasing. That is especially true for food and my clothes. Food is something I am not in the habit of n line ordering. There is no telling what someone would or could do to that food that is transported by who knows, and then ends up on the porch for a day while you work which can cause spoilage of certain items you ordered.

Speaking of ordering things. I did order those fermentation kits. One part of one of the kits came in a shipping bubble bag. When I got it, the bag was torn up, the box inside the bag was totally destroyed. One of the weights in the box was missing entirely and one was damaged to the point I do not feel safe using it for fermenting. It was no longer the smooth glass that was shipped. That left two good usable weights from that part of the shipment. The other box came with earlier in the day with the main kit and the pickle pipe things. The shipping outer box was opened, and taped back shut again very poorly. Gladly the items in the box were still in tact and nothing was missing. So I emailed the company with the pictures of the damaged packaging of the weights and they are sending a replacement.
In the other thing I ordered from OtterBox, somehow it made its way from the origination, to my city, then to another state and seemingly got stuck. So I Called Otterbox. They looked it up and they are sending another case that I ordered. Then yesterday, the case I originally ordered showed up finally in my mailbox. So When I receive the second one I will call them back and ask what they would like me to do with the replacement. I obviously do not need it and I didn’t pay for the second one. I don’t personally feel it is right to keep that second one, or what ever one would have come in secondly.

Weill folks, I need to get up and start on what I have left for todays chores. Finishing up laundry, changing the oil on the bike, clean up the make up table that I let turn into a mess. Maybe I can try and get on the air of the radio waves. As I am feeling a bit better maybe I can get on and have some fun for a change. YAY!!! I hope you all have a wonderful day. Enjoy your Sunday!!!

Love Candi

28 March Journal

Whew!! Its Sunday Funday everyone! Good morning, Welcome to Candi’s Blog. You never really know what will be written here. Sometimes it is sad, others its fun and goofy. Then we have the cooking, issues that us women deal with and some other things that may affect us all. I never know what I am feeling each week as I sit here to write. Sometimes I am sad or am dealing with something. This is my outlet for getting though them while I am single. We have dating woes, and health problems here. Then we have amateur radio that I have finally gotten back into. Then there is the ever present weather, a thing that really does affect us all as it is really all but unpredictable.

Speaking of weather, we had a weather day yesterday. Spring storms came through starting about 4 am here yesterday. Lasted until about 9ish with tons of rain and lightening. Then another set came through late evening causing tornadoes primarily on the west side of the Mississippi river. That second set lasted from about 7ish to sometime this morning. I had to finally go to bed. I was exhausted and just could not stay up to ensure I was safe. I was pretty sure I was but, you know us women, we can change our minds in a blink of an eye. Mother nature is no different. Some people didnt fair out to well. I made it and survived and now, the sun is kissing more and more of the trees and lighting up our world that was so dreary yesterday.

Since my bestie was out of town, so I decided to get started on the salsa I needed. Having purchased some items that I needed Friday and the rest yesterday. I Have one batch of a fermenting in a mix of different peppers and stuff. I will make the sauce that is more watery for every day use. That will have to be pureed when it is done fermenting in a couple weeks. I fear it will be to salty. I will have to see what happens. Since i have never made a fermented anything, its all a test to see what it will do for or against me. It is fun though. I do have a curtido going and a very small batch of sauerkraut. I am not sure I ma going to be happy with the sauerkraut. AS when I started it, I did not have the correct items to ensure a good fermentation without the oxygen entering the jar. I am a little lazy and burping a jar is not always going to happen. I have since bought two ball fermentation kits and ordered the stuff I needed to convert the regular mason jars to a self burping fermentation jar. Being a bit lazy with way to many projects in the works is why I don’t “can” stuff for pickles or jams and later use. Canning is a lot of work for a day.
Back into the salsa, I did chop up and make some more “cooked” salsa so I would have more. I had so much stuff that I ended up with 4 jars of salsa. I wont need any for a while. I even added some New Mexico peppers this time to the mix of the variety of peppers, tomatillos, onion and garlic that goes into each batch of salsa I make. I make it with flavor and a lot of heat. I don’t know why, but I do. I am a spice whore from Texas ya know. LOL. One of my down falls has been reusing old jars. Such as this case I reused the sauerkraut jars from my purchases. Now you aren’t supposed to do that. Mostly its the lid that has to be changed. I tend to reuse those two. Since these jars go from the stuff being put into them to the fridge, I have not had an issue. Now my fermenting stuff is now going into freshly bought Mason jars and with the reusable fermentation lid then the other replaceable two piece lids that will store the finished product. Many of you that are “canners” know what I am saying.
Much of the reason for all this change is that I found that my bladder and possibly the rest of my body is very sensitive to the preservatives found in the store purchased items. One of those I noticed most of was the store bought hot sauce. I don’t buy “Hot” sauce but usually a mild version for everyday use on a few things as I desire. I don’t use them every day but I noticed the days I do use it, my bladder goes into a tizzy. I can eat my own salsa and, as hot as it is, seems to help my bladder. The pain when going potty is less with my own stuff than the store bought stuff. Then we have the cholesterol issue I am working on decreasing through diet. Especially after the ordeal with the meds to reduce it came with its set of issues. So yes, my diet has changed and how I get my needed nutrients and favorite stuff, is now hopefully going to be coming from my own kitchen rather than the prepackaged store stuff. I am doing what I can with in reason. I have to have a life otherwise also and need to have fun. But spending a few minutes to make up something that can sit and ferment, or be home made which doesn’t take much longer than buying store bought. One of those is spaghetti. NO I don’t do the whole day of making sauce from absolute scratch but I am close. I do know it takes me about as long to make it with the store sauce as it does my own from almost total scratch that tastes so much better. I can also say I am feeling better just in the small changes I have made in the last couple months. I am not feeling over heavy when I eat, I Am not feeling as bloated or run down. Now I do on a day per week decide to splurge. Last night I had chili dogs from home. Well, that was a mistake partly because I ate way to much. Tonight is going to be spaghetti of my own making. I am planning on adding the dried New Mexico pepper to it along with the dried poblano and one or two of the dried cayenne peppers in it. That is on top of the onion, garlic and yellow bell pepper to add some color to the mix that includes the needed Italian spices. The Cayenne gives a touch of a kick depending on how much you put in. Then Dried poblano gives a smoky nutty flavor that seems to go very well with the sauce of tomato, and aids in thickening the sauce a little. I am not sure what a New Mexico pepper will do to the flavor. I did like the smell of it yesterday when I was making my salsa. Now that I found a place to get those things I desired since I been in this land of “non-spicy spice”.

Goodness folks, the price of gasoline has sky rocketed in the last month or month and half. At least a dollar or more. This has gotten me to riding the motorcycle more now if it isn’t raining. That is on the days I am actually going into work. I have been replacing stuff on the bike as certain things that aren’t lasting have finally deteriorated like my saddle and tail bag. After several years of being in the sun and weather they simply just started falling apart. I do need to replace the front tire. Which will maybe get ordered this next weekend. I am working on saving funds to take care of my stuff and get things under control. I did manage to get the car finished up being fixed. The noise I was hearing was not a bearing but a tire with a spot in it. I had the tires balanced and switched from left to right as I Had already moved them front to rear which is how I found the tire issue while starting the bearing replacement last week. So you see, us girls are not exactly stupid as one may think. We aren’t as weak as some folks seem to think. If we want it, we have to go after it no matter where we came from or our ethnicity. WE CAN DO IT.

I do need to get up and get some stuff done here. I have tons of things to do today. I Never can seem to sit and relax and sleep. I need to finish up laundry, clean up the seeds of peppers all over the house that ended up on my feet yesterday. CLean up the kitchen more, replace the saddle bag supports on the bike. The neighbor needs a pair of pants hemmed he said he was bringing today. We will see what happens if I can get all this done today. I Need to mow the yard and yet it is to wet outside to do so.
I hope you all have a wonderous day!!!

Love Candi

👩‍🦰 21 March Journal

Hello Americans, ITS SPRING!!! Starting yesterday at 4 something in the morning when the sun crossed to the northern hemisphere over the equator. It has been a wonderful Saturday, sunny and nice temps out. Today is supposed to be much of the same. I plan on getting the motorbike washed and maybe even ride it tomorrow to work. Yes I have to go into the office to “Help” do inventory. Odds are I will be “DOING” inventory on my own as is always the case when I am asked to “help”. It sucks. Anyways, I Also figured out some issues on my car and will need to get that taken care of by someone with the correct tooling to do what I need done. I know just the place I am going first.

So As I get back into the kitchen more now, due to feeling a bit better the last couple days. I dont know why, but, I am. Two of the main staples in my kitchen are Spicy and Sour. Most of that comes from Hot peppers, salsa and the Candi way of spicing up things. The other main thing especially at breakfast is sauerkraut. Yeah, it sounds kinda nasty. However, by an experiment one Sunday a couple years ago, I tried it. Breakfast Sausage, Cheese, Mayo, Egg and some sauerkraut. It was really way better than I expected. So The whole Sauerkraut thing came to be a major part of my daily routine nearly everyday. Yes I do mix it up. Ham, bacon, or something does go good with the whole Sauerkraut thing. Sometimes I even add a spicy mix to the whole breakfast idea and its also very good. So anyways, I got to looking at the whole process of making sauerkraut. It turns out there is nothing to it. Two things is the only thing that makes sauerkraut. One is cabbage, the other is salt. That is totally it. So you wash cut and wash again the cabbage, put it into a bowl, add the tablespoon or two of salt depending on the amount of cabbage, massage it all together and then cram it into a jar to sit on the counter in a non-sunny spot. Then you wait for the amount time that is required. Some of what I read is anywhere from 30 days to several months. This whole process is called fermenting. As I played with sourdough bread a few years ago, it was good but I really just don’t eat that much bread and the idea of the sourdough and the starter being kept up with is a total pain the tush for me. I don’t have the time to do that bread thing. Tortillas are another story. So you do have to keep the cabbage submerged in the brine that is being created by the process. That is a bit tough if you dont have the right stuff. But a little ingenuity you can make it happen. So I am working and playing with the idea of sauerkraut. I found a recipe in a book I bought yesterday. It is an El Salvadorian Kraut. I decided to try it out so It too is now fermenting. I did buy a fermentation jar yesterday just for this whole effort in experimenting with fermenting foods. It is kinda fun at the moment, if it goes well, could save me some money on some sauerkraut. Not to mention I can spice it or mix it or do a totally different ferment of certain things to make other things. Which will be totally cool to have around. I have been looking at other items that can be fermented rather than pickled for me to keep around as well.
For those that are wondering what my hype on this is. Well, its Probiotics. Something I need more than I thought, as we all do. It is the healthy gut bacteria. Since I have had the whole nearly 2 months of antibiotics I was feeling dumpy and ran down. As During that time I was trying to get this bladder thing under control. Which I have taken another approach to putting at rest while I wait on my urologists’ appt day. This is another thing in changing my diet to control the cholesterol and hopefully keep certain things away such as this bladder infection and colds or other things. I have been feeling a bit better as I reduced the food intake considerably. I have all but totally took out all extra salt that I was adding to food or myself as I tried to get a handle on some of the health issues. The Cholesterol meds really messed me up as I finally realized after taking myself off them. The bladder issue I believe was worsened by that med. So IN an effort to get myself back on track, I am working on the me and the things that me needs to get me back to being me and whole in health. The last month has been the most dramatic of those changes. Over the years I have totally gotten away from soda, caffeine is a daily thing for coffee but after that 2 cups I am off to the juices with no added sugars at breakfast and then water the rest of the day. Upwards of a gallon of water when I am not fighting a bladder infection. Right now its closer to two gallons maybe more since I am trying to flush this crap out. I have reduced over the years, red meat. Now to almost nothing. Bacon has been replaced with a lower fat ham, usually a lunch meat or Canadian bacon thing. Chicken is usually what I eat mostly, or fish. Beef, even being from Texas, has all but been removed. Vegetables are more and more in my diet than they were 7 years ago. Now I will pt for a deli sandwich with more veggies than meat before I go after a burger. I can say again, I do feel lots better. If this section of the post speaks to you, then look it up and read on it. It is definitely worthe read and knowledge if nothing else.

So I have already started Laundry but forgot to on the washer machine, cleaned the bathrooms, got dinner in the crockpot, and had breakfast and a shower. I been busy as a little beaver today. I am paying for yesterday with a hurting back. Several things I have let go during my entire not caring and just not feeling up to doing anything. I do plan on getting some rest today also as I can. I just am tired of looking at the clutter that has taken over my house. Something that I should have not ever let happen. I still need to get some more stuff done today here in the house before I do take my time to sit and do nothing.

I did get on the radio Friday. It was fun as always. I am a bit shaky on my receiving code as I been on hiatus for three months. I am already making progress and will plan on being in there more and more as I get through the above. It was relaxing for me to be on the air. I slept good for a change too. Yesterday I wore myself out doing my chores and errands and was in bed by 730. Hopefully I can spend some time in the shack after lunch and getting some of my declutter done today. I didnt realize I missed it as much as I did.

SO folks, I do need to get up and get myself into gear. I need to make this stuff happen. I want to spend some time outside getting my vitamin D HAHAHA. So I do hope you all have a wonderful day!!

Love Candi

14 March Journal âœ

Happy Sunday Everyone!! So here we are, time change Sunday and the hour is now gone. I will be a month getting into the current time setting. I really wished we would pick one or split the difference of the two to half and hour and leave it alone. This drives me absolutely batty. Its been cloudy and rainy for a couple days and storms are expected later today or in the middle of the night. Depends on whom you listen to.

Top of the list topic; It was just about a year ago, we all set out on the road of the pandemic. One that rocked the world to its knees. The 12th, the school system decided to skip a day prior to the spring break let out. That following MOnday I worked from home, I Had plenty to get done and needed my quiet to get it done. Tuesday the 17th, I got a call from my boss that forever changed my idea of the world for ever. He said I was not to work after that day was completed. I was thinking this was a total joke and was also totally in shock. I never had been “fired” from a job in my life. Anyways, that started the events of getting back into the radio world, doing other projects and learning to take care of myself. It has been a hell of a year for the last year. Being laid off at least three times from the same company, learning that the job market sucks, and the health issues for myself as well as the rest of the world. I am fortunate that I have saved for a rainy day and was not hurting like some were. I Maintained my my health other than a bladder infection. I cannot complain to much. Now I wonder where I want or need to go in my life now. I am sure I will figure it out. I dont want to stay on this topic to long as we are all about tired of hearing of covid, corona, or sars virus. I really want something in the news besides all the virus vaccines and politics. These Crazy news people are driving us crazy with the turning of the news to leave out pieces as to allow for a more dramatic story. I am also having a hard time at the gasoline pump now. They claim it is because of the new president that the prices have sky rocketed. I dont see where he had anything to do with that. The petrol companies are just simply looking for any reason to raise the prices among their already staggering high profits. MOVING ONNNNN!!!!!!!

Had a lot of stuff to get done. Reworked the office yesterday and got one sewing project done. I still need to get another project I am doing for a pair of pants. Since I have the zipper now I can do that. I have another project that i need to start and finish also. Just have not had time to desire the last couple weeks to get them done. So Now I get to clean up the mess. LOL

SO I am planning on making a potato and kielbasa crock pot casserole. I will see how that comes off. Hopefully it will turn out good. I have not done this particular thing with my crock pot yet. I Also have not been eating any sausages as I am trying to reduce my cholesterol by changing my diet. I will have to see what is happening with that. Much of it is the idea of not over eating. I have done very well at the amount and the types of food changes I have made. However, sometimes you need something different. I do have my comfort foods. They are more healthy than chocolate bars and bonbons. However a dark chocolate is pretty good for your cholesterol. Just don’t over indulge on it.
We went to another place to eat on Friday, My bestie and I did anyways. A Japanese place that was actually open for dine in eating. So I got my sushi and a kitchen teriyaki chicken. It was good and lovely. Nice to sit in a place and actually get traditional sushi and or nigiri not having to take it home. We decided it was worth being a regular hang out. Especially since my regular place was not actually open for dine in. This new place rivals with the old one so I am changing up. SO I have removed all the fatty foods from my diet. Almost all sausage and red meats are totally out of my diet. I still have to have some here and there. But it isnt my go to like it once was. I had already made changes over the last few years. Red meats and fatty sausages tended to end up on the plate at home more than it should have. I have added lots more veggies to the mix now days anyways. About ten years ago, I ate veggies but not in the manner that I do now. I eat way more veggies than I have ever in my life these days.

I ended up having to buy a new phone, which came in on Thursday. Since I am an android girl I expect certain things from my phone. It took me three days to get rid or turn off the major brand apps and get the more compatible google stuff on the phone and working right. Sadly the last thing I want is not available for set up on the phone like I want. I am used to swiping to the far left screen and getting a google feed. This phone has its manufacturer proprietary feed that I do not want. Yeah I can disable that but I cannot add google in its place. At least yet. I am sure that somewhere I can find a way. Its probably deep into the OS somewhere. I do like the phone other than its proprietary apps that are dominating the phone. I don’t think I will ever buy another one like this again. I am not used to spending this much on a phone and have not had one of these in over 10 years.

WEll folks, I am ending here. I have not yet eaten breakfast. This silly time change has me all messed up. So I need to eat and start the crockpot dinner for the day. Have to get laundry finished and maybe get a nap in somewhere. It is coming to spring and the blooms are starting to show. I will need to go and get some wonderful spring pics of the new life starting anew oblivious to the issues of the days we are living. Have a wonderful day everyone!!!

Love Candi

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