19 September Journal

Good Sunday Morning Everyone!! It is humid and cloudy with wetness in the air. Rain ensued my travels all day yesterday and into the night. I am not sure what I plan to do today. Maybe go get something to eat or do a tad bit of shopping. Chores are first in the agenda.

Friday, after two doctor appointments, I took off to the South East of the state. A 6 hour drive to piddle around. Something I rarely do in a spur of the moment decision. I never go anywhere with no clear plan of when to go, where to stay and when to return. Its been a long time since I took off and stayed in a motel. I rather stay someplace nicer or a camping site. Since I have no tent and not enough funding to stay in a nicer place I was in some cheesy motel. I remember now why I hate staying in a motel, hotels are almost as bad. The light filtering into the room is enough to keep my subconscious mind believing that it is daytime or nearly so. Making for a long night of tossing and turning. A hotel I can at least put a towel across the bottom of the door to dim a good part of the lighting that typically filters from there. Now the bed Friday night was hard enough for my liking. The problem was there was no cushioning to keep my hips from hurting. So that led another crap night of sleep on top of the lighting.
I had planned on doing one museum in Cleveland Tennessee. It was closed due to a staffing shortage. I was upset a little over that. Ok so next on the list for the day, the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum. I Made my way back into Chattanooga. Went to the museum. Had a blast even though I was alone in my trek. I got to see the antique telegraph keys and sounders, rode on a Pullman car that was something else before it was changed into a seating car removing a barrier to segregate people. We got a tour of the restoration shop they use to restore to original condition, the engines and cars used on their little railway. There was a lot of history to be learned in all this. The steam engine were the greatest of it all to me. Well, and the no longer used Cabooses. I got to hear about all kinds of things they do for other railways across the country and even into Canada. When I got done with that, I decided that with a snafu of the motel, things in the car, I came on home. Which was a good thing. I needed to get my Sunday rest and clean up from the trip and get ready for another work week.

With this past weekend and the whole issue with the motel and having seen the horrible rising cost of the hotels, I Decided I am going to get back to some basic ideas in my travels. I am going to work on getting a tent and stay at the state parks going forward. At least depending on if one is available close to where I wanna stay and the time of year. I look at one that attaches to the back of your SUV or minivan. Sadly that thing is costly at 400 bucks. I am not sure I can justify that kinda pricing for a home away from home. It is a nice idea though but the cost doesn’t justify the means for me. So I Am going to do some looking again and decide what I want to do. Maybe for a 3rd of the price I can find something I want and will do what I need to do without the cost. Though I must say, the cost of tents has totally skyrocketed since the last time I actually bought one. I think about this since I have no sleeping bag. Well I do, it is an old army surplus feather filled sleeping bag. I have had it for about 30 years, probably more. Who knows how old it was when I got it back in the late 80s. Back to the whole cost thing again on a tent. I need to have a sleeping bag and a tent. I have most everything else that could be used for camping. I never got rid of the stuff because I always wanted to go. As I single woman I never went since my divorce. Now that I have gotten a lot more confidence in me, I am thinking I am ready to go be with nature again. Good thing about state parks is that there is ranger that comes around periodically to be sure the riff raff is staying in check. The majority of the people I have seen and dealt with at state parks in the past just want to get away and not have the trouble that comes from camping in public non-pay areas. The lastly, I Can take my own food, eat my healthy eating and be better off without worrying about where to eat and what it is made with. Then lastly, As I think about the whole idea of attaching a tent to the car, I would not be able to easily take off to town for ice and or just to simply go shopping. SO I am working on a lot of stuff in my head.

Well folks, I need to get away from the computer. Chores need to be done, a shower and start a new load of laundry for the clothing used on the short trip. Have a wonderful day everyone!!!

Love Candi

11 September Journal

Happy Saturday Everyone! Early Post this week. I am planning on being away from the house until sometime tomorrow and doing tomorrows chores today. More on that later. As the Sun was rising this morning I noticed that the colors were off in the way the morning looked. Heading to the grocery I see a sun just like the pic of the post here. I took that when I arrived at the grocery. Could the end of the world be coming? No its just the heavy smoke on the atmosphere. All coming from the west and the massive fires that are happening out there. The temps are about get all goofy around here again. The heat is about to return to the land of Dixie. I am not looking forward to that at all.

On to the reason I am not going to be at home. Baby Cakes has messaged me, I am going to his place today. We have been dating on and off for several years. Either he or I find a reason to not be together. I think that has changed. I never can seem to get him clear of my mind no matter how long he is out of the picture. But I Never go on dates and feel comfy with anyone else either. That is the few dates I actually got on. See, I fell head over heels with this guy 4 years ago. Shortly after my last marriage ended. I wasn’t ready for sure. He wasn’t prepared to get all serious about a transwoman in his life. He felt it wasn’t going to make family relations very good. Something over the time of our first date and our second a year or so later, he changed his mind. I never really did but was extremely stand offish about him or anyone. Especially when he was absent for a year and a half. So We have been out and have had some of the best sex I have ever had in my life. But wait, there’s more, I Have been relaxed with him and in his arms, yet I have pushed back on getting serious. I did not think that he wanted to be serious though the signs were there to tell me he was. Am I so blind to not see what he wanted or that he likes me THAT much. The sad part is I wanted it and was actually to scared to admit it for fear of failing. But Baby Cakes always seems to pick me up somehow even if he not around. Maybe I needed to learn what I really needed. And it has nothing do with cuteness. THough he is rather cute, like OMG cute, if to no one but myself. So WTF is wrong with me for not seeing this long before now and trying? I feel it was the fear, maybe the fear of letting someone in. Maybe it needed to learn to love and care for me before I can care for someone else in my life and it have a meaning. That self love and care is something I never really learned. I Never cared of myself for most of my life. It was about 5 years ago that I finally got to where I was loving myself at any level.
So I never got to finish this post. I ended up out of time and at His house. He is the only person, man or otherwise to absolutely drive me crazy in love in every facet of the idea. From being around him, his aroma, his looks and well, of course in the sack. As we reconnected again, I realized just how much he has meant to me since we met. As much as I attempted to deny the feelings I had and the actions that shown what he thinks of me, I realized that I was a damned idiot. I Am not going to let go, I even told him not to let go of me, and also thanked him for not letting go even though I been so wishy washy. I never want to let this man go away and will not forgo any messages to him. I am home and tired and still smell his scent still strong on my mind and his wonderful smile still in my eyes. WIsh me luck to hold on this fellow.

Ok so it is Sunday evening, My chores were done yesterday for today. Stuff is put away and I am so ready for bed. I wished it was with Baby Cakes but, he has to work. Have a wonderful week everyone! I am about to hit the hay.

Love Candi

6 September Journal

Buenas Dias Americanos, welcome to Labor Day in the USA. A Day where some of us get a day off from a long summer of working. Others had the summer off and get an extra day of laziness LOL. The Temperature here is a wonderful 59 degrees Fahrenheit. It was in the low sixties on Saturday morning and normal 75 yesterday morning. I do love this knda weather. Cool mornings and decent days to enjoy makes life great.

Being an extra day off and having had taken Friday off also, I Am finally getting to the writing of this weeks post a day late. I did manage to summon the bandwidth of a mind to look at a dating site to see what was happening. Talked to a couple folks and nothing really coming to fruition of it. How did I expect anything any different? Between the stoners and the losers I am not sure I will ever find a date worth having around. Though the guy at the pharmacy yesterday was rather cute. Was talking to him while we waited. I was shocked at the niceness of the man. I know there has to be someone out there, probably somewhere.

I am cooking a little more. I made some fish tacos yesterday evening. Ended up eating way to much. Had some hotlinks and hotdog things on Saturday on the grill. They were good as good can get for something so heavy on the belly. Supposed to go next door for BBQ. I made up some of my own special tater salad. I don’t do chunky potato salad. I grew up on my grandmas smooth stuff. Though I do not peel the potatoes. It gives an extra punch of flavor to the whole idea. Not to mention the extra nutrients. I do wash the dirt off them though so don’t worry. I had to purchase the potatoes at my last grocery run. I don’t usually keep them in the house unless I buy some giant ones for baked potatoes.

So on the other front that I am extremely tired of, I get to have another test coming up Wednesday. To find out a couple things that the doctor needs to know before creating a plan to finally rid me of this damn crap that has been keeping me up at night. It has been affecting all kinds of areas in my life right now. The biggest one is my desire to actually do anything. I have not been playing on the radios and I have not wanted to do much of anything else in the hobby department. Not even really wanting to go anywhere either. But I can say that I do feel a lot better than I did back a few months ago.

Well, Today I may get on a mask making task today. I need a couple more that match some of my clothing that I have. I got some other pinks and blues to match that stuff in my closet. So I hope you enjoy your day everyone!!!

Love Candi

29 August Journal

Good Sunday Morning everyone!! The Sun is not quite up this morning yet though, daylight is making it way across the sky. We are still in a heated way here and well, I Am ready to see winter or at least mid to late fall. As many of you that live anywhere in the southeast USA may know, there is a major hurricane about to hit the NOLA Area and east Louisiana as well as Mississippi out to parts of the Florida pan handle. The Storm is currently a category 4 and very close to a category 5. They expect it to become a cat 5 before land fall that will happen sometime this afternoon. This storm is expected to track close to my home and most of Mississippi is in flood watches and even us here in SW Tennessee are expecting a greater than significant amount of rain. SO please be mindful of what is about to happen depending on your location.

So yesterday, my bestie and I took off about 10 am to Little Rock Arkansas. I seem to have gotten her hooked on my Favorite fast food taco place, Taco Bueno. A day trip to have some wonderfully flavored fast food tacos and some shopping was fun and exhausting. We went to the western store out there and I only wanted a new wallet. My current one is about to wear out. So I have a new one and two new outfits a couple hundred dollars later. Anyways we caught up on our gossip and the same old BS of the world about the virus. She has been hesitant to get her second shot and I told her she may as finish what she started. So I think she may do it. I am working on my stuff and am worried about the shot due to this bladder crap I am dealing with. I am fearful that it will irritate the bladder or cause it to get worse. Anyways, we both see that we all will end up having to have the shot before it is all over with. Either the insurance companies will require it or the employers will. Venues are starting to require it I noticed. A music fest here in October is requiring the vaccine for entry no matter if you have a ticket or not. I Am not sure what is really going on personally but, I am worried that this will lead to other things in the world that we are not going to enjoy. Anyways, we will have to see what happens.

So my masks that I made last week are a big hit. I still need to make some of different colors that match more of wardrobe. I never made it to the fabric store yesterday. But I Need to dig through my fabric stash to see what I have and make up some more that will match up with some of my colors in the closet. One I Made last week was a bit to small for my amazon head. I took and gave it o my bestie and it fits great on her. Speaking of masks, this whole mask debate is all goofy. I noticed yesterday while we were in Arkansas that people were not wearing them at all. We were like the only ones wearing a mask in most the places we went. What is even worse is we were given weird looks for wearing it. What some of these people are not understanding is that, you can still transmit the virus even if you are vaccinated. The vaccine only prevents the person vaccinated from becoming sick not from actually carrying the virus. That mask also protects you from a breakthrough infection that could occur even if you are vaccinated and, if you aren’t vaccinated, it is also a layer of protection from the virus against for yourself. I really do not like the whole wearing a mask at all. But, I would rather have that inconvenience of the mask while I am in a store than to get sick with something that could end up taking my life or in the least case burning up my money for a sickness that I could have averted by simply putting a mask on my face to prevent the whole thing in the first place.

Sun rays are now kissing the tops of the rooves and sun rise has happened. A beautiful time of the day when the sun comes up. Early morning and watching the day come to life. Darkness fades away into the bustle of chirping birds and providing warmth and life on the land. This means I Need to get up off my tush and get busy on my chores that I need to do today. I have a ton of things to do today. Laundry as usual and some cleaning. So Folks, Have a wonderful day.

Love Candi

22 August Journal

Good afternoon everyone!! Sunday fun day. Hot and miserable outside again. Not that I plan to go outside today much if possible. So I’m trying to write this on my phone since I’m at the nail salon. I can’t believe this place is full already and they just opened up. Good grief. I got my other chores and projects done. So it was time to have my nails done again. As we’ve gotten back to requiring masks again here, I’ve made a decision and went to the fabric store. I picked up stuff to try my hand at making a mask. My first attempt turned out good but a tad bulky in the nose. So I adjusted some things on the second one and got it closer to comfy. Then the ear straps became an issue as I changed up something else also. So the third and 4th ones are ok to wear. It isn’t that hard. I only printed the pattern on the computer using regular paper. The real hard part of this whole process is cutting the fabric out. The rest is really not that hard at all. Just a little thought on how to do all the stitching the best way is about it. I did make them two sided in color for the reason using only one mask at least twice a week depending what I am wearing. Seems to be that I’ll like it. My color choices were a little off on colors. But I have other material to make stuff out of. I was like one of the last hold outs on anything but a simple bandana tied around my neck. With this new variant going crazy and the heat, I decided I best get something made up so I’m not over heating when I’m out of doors. One thing I wished I had thought about was a small added cloth loop to hang it on my purse hook so I would have it with my purse on the snap hook. I been do that on my next ones. It won’t be a hard addition. The pic below is the first try.

On the bladder front, I added an ingredient to my morning smoothies and the pain I was having along with the cloudiness is pretty well gone. The frequency at night is not. I that ingredient is honey. Real and true honey. I only put it in my smoothie because it was in the house and I needed to use it. some how it started working and I was pleasantly surprised when, unexpectedly the pain started to decrease. So over the course of the last week since I started using it I’m feeling so much better. Well, except the sleep department which is a lacking experience right now. So I’m keeping my appointment with the Dr about that.

Well folks, the salon is getting close to. Doing my stuff. Have a great day!!

Ttfn. Love Candi

15 August Journal

Good Sunday Morning everyone! The clouds are here today and its a humid but very tolerable 70 degrees at my home. Other than a trip to the grocery and one other store yesterday, I have not been out of the house all weekend. I just cannot seem to get any actual rest. When I do, it is thwarted by the lack of sleep at night. That is due to the whole bladder thing that is not playing pretty. A new appointment with the urologist to discuss an issue we briefly talked about a couple months ago is in a couple weeks. I need to get this crap over with for sure.

So there has not been much going on in my world as I have to stay somewhere close to the restroom. Not to mention my bestie has been dealing with the health issues of an aging family member. So we have not had time to do much together. Sadly that is the way life is and there is nothing we can do about it but chat with each other and take care of ourselves. I know I have not been in a mood to do anything more than what is needed. I Am finding myself trying to stay awake at work, and going to bed earlier than normal just to get some sleep which is so desperately needed. the last two nights was a ten hour night of sleep and up and sleep and up.

So my grocery run yesterday resulted in a new type of cheese to try, Muenster cheese. I found after having some of it that the flavor is rather mild and to me nearly non-existent. It is rather soft and the hint of orange in the flavor is nice. It does melt rather easily, which is perfect for melty cheese dishes such as quesadillas and grilled cheese. I do recommend that you add something flavorful to the cheese so it doesn’t seem drab. I personally prefer my Swiss Cheese, I like the toughness and nutty flavor. It is a bit stringy if you melt Swiss cheese. I think it will be added to my ingredients kept the house. For those times that I want a cheesy dish and feel like having such a melty cheese to my meal. Though I am not eating a lot of cheese now days as I have replaced most the cheese with certain veggies. I don’t miss cheese as much as I expected I would. It is one of those things now that is like an ice cream or yogurt cone at the creamery. I can say that my diet changes have now resulted in lower cholesterol and a whopping 30 pounds of weight loss. Who figured that?

We are now obviously not out of the deep woods with this whole pandemic thing. WE all need to do our part to stay safe. Wear a mask whether or not you are vaccinated. Even if you are Vaccinated you can still carry and spread this virus even though you won’t get sick or have very mild symptoms. Here is why, if you were around a non-masked infected person who is also a carrier with no symptoms, you will then start spreading it yourself. Because now you are a carrier as well. I am not telling every person reading this to get the vaccine. I am saying be cautious of your actions as they could cause others to become ill or die. Yes I get it, We feel the governments of the world are trying to get into us somehow. Sadly they have already done that. I also understand that it is our body and we should do what we feel is right for us. I personally have been holding out due to all this bladder crap and don’t wanna take the change on irritating it more than needed by getting something that has an unknown side effect on my body. I know I get a full case of the Flu every time I get the flu shot. SO I have been rather skittish about the Vaccine for the bladder and the whole flu shot thing. They are saying this new variant is worse than the original strain that came over a year ago. I know here locally some kids have died from it. This was before school started. I am fearful of what will happen to our precious little ones as they have not allowed them to get the vaccine as of yet. This is something we have not seen on such a scale as this. Yes there were pandemics and epidemics in the past. They were isolated to certain areas of the world mostly in those days. We were not able to travel in the manner we can today way back when. So the Black Plague was isolated to one part of the world. With that said, if you are in your car alone, outside away from others you don’t need a mask. I see a ton of people who somehow in this heat manage to drive or be walking the streets with their mask on. No one around them for hundreds of feet. Then we have those who will not wear a mask regardless of anything. So when we finally get past all this and actually look back, hopefully we will all see that this pandemic is something we don’t want to play with again. Just pay mind to what you are doing. For we are not individually a web, we are merely a strand in the web, what we do affects the entire web (meaning everyone).

WEll folks, I am planning on moving the furniture in the bedroom today. Getting that Feng shui back in order that I Mess up last year and shortly after began having all these problems. My head being to the west is not really the direction it should be when I sleep. I did sleep better and felt better when I was either north or north east than I do when I am west. I also need to finish up the laundry and other chores of the day that are normal for the Sunday Chores.

WEll folks have a wonderful day!! Off to the chores I Need to do today.

Love Candi

8 August Journal

WOW!!! What difference a day or two off can make. Not to mention I have not worked 12 hour days either. It was a nice week in the heat and humid department also so that was a plus. Sadly the heat and humidity will be returning today and the rest of the week. Blah to the heat.

Yesterday was a busy day, not rushed but busy. Chores and errands of the personal nature had to get done. From the grocery to the Clothing and shoe stores. One thing I forgot which will wait until next week is a new door mat for the inside of the front door. The black one does not match the decor and the new rug that is in the living room now. I did pick up a hall way runner but totally forgot the front door mat. I plan to replace the back door one with the one from the front door. Between the clothes that I may or may not have needed and the sneakers that I did need, I Spent way to much yesterday. I still have a couple cores left to do today. Finish installing the new antenna I built and laundry. I have some stuff in the kitchen that needs to be completed up as well. Then I don’t plan on doing much else. Mostly a crock pot meal beans and cabbage with turkey sausage. Maybe a nap will come to be in my day to. Meditation and yoga is all I want to get done today also. We will have to see what happens.

Hopefully I can get some Radio time in again here soon. Planning to get the antenna finished today and then I get to clean the clutter from the office desk and shred some papers that have junk mail with my name on them. I been slowly working on the couch that also turned into a clutter catcher. Like a screen dragged through the sand, picking up everything on the ground. I simply had not had time to keep things straight like i normally do. I did a much better job at it than I did when I was fighting the bladder mess that I was fighting for so long. Nonetheless I have a result of to much work and not enough rest and play time.

Well Folks, I got to get up and get busy on the chores for outside before the heat and sun start running a muck of the world. I hope you all have a great day!!

Love Candi

1 August Journal

Happy Sunday Everyone!! I Am actually off from work today. That is because my car took a poo and I had to fix it. I told the bosses that I am taking today off to get the thing fixed. I ended up doing it yesterday afternoon instead of today so I could have a bit of time to myself and the chores that are needing done. With the heat the last couple weeks, mostly the heat index here, I am totally exhausted from the work and the heat. Speaking of heat, we are to get a break finally with a couple cold fronts coming in to bring some rain and less humid conditions as well as about 10 degrees less in the temps.

As I finally got help at work for the stuff that is leaving out, I can finally take a slow down. I actually slept until about 530 this morning. Things are starting seem like they are taking shape and a ight at the end of the tunnel might be coming to visibility. Which I am for sure ready to have happen. This has been a rough summer at work for me and the very few that actually helped through the majority of this shut down stuff. We are totally ready to be done with all this.

So in other news, the interstate 40 bridge across the Mississippi river is partially open now. The repairs to a massive “crack”, actually a total break of a major support beam, has been repaired and or replaced. East bound is open and the west bound is still close as they remove the equipment from the bridge that was used to make the repairs. Thank goodness this too, is finally getting done. IT has caused a lot of price increases on top of other issues that people are using to raise prices. It will allow goods to traverse the country to their destination much easier.

With all the work I been doing, eating at home has been nearly non-existent. Breakfast or soup at dinner was about all I could do. I have made sure I opted for more healthy choices when I was out to eat. Salad, deli sandwiches and Japanese seem to be on the top of the list. Yesterday evening I went to the Burger King and was planning to get a chicken sandwich. I ended up with a beef burger and am not liking myself now. It seems that the beef is not setting with me like it used to. Maybe it never really did. Another learning experience and the realization of the changes I have made in my diet to feel better resulted in certain foods that seem to make me feel bad or not quite good as I was eating other foods. How crazy is that folks?! Yesterday I finally made it to the grocery for this first time in several weeks. They actually had avocados that were worth purchasing. SO i got my weekly allotment i set for myself, got some extra frozen fruit for my morning fruit smoothie and some other things that were lacking in pantry. Since I had to be at work yesterday I made the quick dash through the store and got home in record time to put the stuff away to head to work on the bike and deal with the heat for another day getting stuff ready to get out to their new homes. I am very ready to get back to my normal eating that I spent so many months working on creating. I got my new sauerkraut batch out today for breakfast. It is purple and regular cabbage, purple onion, some serrano pepper. I can say it veryyyyy delish. I still have three full jars still fermenting as I got the half jar out to use and get in to the fridge. Just another item in my ferment list that I am enjoying. Which is great and wonderful.

Well folks, I am ending here, Though there is much more to write I am losing my mental ability to recall it all as I return to restful states and am winding down to the normalcy of life. Which is coming with rest and the need to totally disconnect from things. I do plan on getting my nails done today so I can look better as I am starting to feel better now. My nails have grown out considerably since the last visit just a few weeks ago. At least they aren’t broken like they were when I went the last time. Maybe its the healthier eating causing that fast growth. I also need to make an appointment with my hair dresser and get my hair done again which I am way past due to have done. All the sun and sweat damage needs to be cleaned up.

Have a wonderful day everyone!! Off to chores and relaxation.

Love Candi

25 July Journal

Happy Sunday ladies and Gents its bloody freaking hot here. The actual air temp would be a wonderfully tolerable summer day in Texas. But, here in the Land Of Dixie, nope, its so humid it feels even hotter than it really is. Currently at the time of this writing, the feels like heat index temp is 112.

Work has been another nearly 60 hours of grueling BS of doing a 10 person job all alone. Luckily there are some people finally coming from other locations to help with certain things. YAY!!! But where the fuck were they when we begged and begged for help during the shit storm of crap that ended up being a skeleton crew of people helping to close and stuff. I ended up at work today also. I got a few things done while babysitting the people that were there today. The really crazy part is the fact that two people from these other places can out work in one day the two who used to be working there before the closure.

So needless to say am an exhausted woman. With the heat and the extra work, I barely have enough time for myself. I did manage to get to the store and bought a new rug for the bedroom. IT sure brightens up the room compared to what I had there a couple hours ago. I finished up the laundry, checked on my sauerkraut and then painted my toenails. Then I started this post and its way late compared to what I normally do. I may end up leaving work early tomorrow for a grocery run. Mostly juice is what I need and some eggs. I am so ready to get into a normal routine again. After this week I am alone again as my boss has things he has to go get done himself. Hopefully I can get a break here soon. I am about done with this BS and probably will not see what I was told I would get when this is completed.

On the bladder issue front, there is still something not right and I think it will require a more indepth repair. The test results from last week were negative to any infection. However, the pain persists and its really getting to be a pain in the back side. I am so done with this to go along with the work stuff. So I am really out of things to talk to about since I Am so tired and nothing is coming to me. Hope you all have a great day and week….

Love Candi

18 July Journal

Good Sunday Morning everyone!! Its raining here now. Luckily I made it to the grocery and back before it started. I really did not want to go but, I had to go there. Some of the things that are simpler to fix for meals were needed. After 58 hours at work, most of it in the sun on the lot getting all this equipment moved in that is still not done, I finally just had to make a command decision for myself. I told my boss I was not working today. He agreed, he has seen me all week along with one 13 hour day, out in the sun and the heat with the humidity. He could see that I am exhausted and had no problem with that. Then we have other fights going on as the receiving locations are wanting to come get what they are now assigned. Though I have not yet accounted for everything that has come in the lot. An untold number of units leaving to other locations are out of service and I have not even gotten them all in the yard as they cannot move on their own. As those units need assistance getting to my lot, have not been accounted for either other than they are still at the losing locations. With that, these receiving locations are making a fuss stating that I said they were available. I have only stated what I knew was available. I never once stated what wasn’t available, I Had even told them I have not even looked at these things yet and have not had a chance since I was on the lot getting over 300 units positioned so we could get the rest of the others in. I will have close to about 600 units sitting on my location. Most of those all came to me on Thursday in a massive influx that has not been tallied as of yet. I Will get there as soon as possible. Sadly, All this has been dumped on my lap to get handled. No one but my current boss and one helper from out of town has been on the ground handling this.

So with all that, I Am an exhausted woman, and angry bitch and not willing to deal with a bunch of idiocy. I had to tell one person who came at me with an attitude that I would take care of the issue and to please leave. I was firm and not wavering on that also. The person did as I stated and I was good. I have and had no time to argue with them or state any cases of what I am going through. At some point I could very well make apologies for any foul wording that may have left my mouth. That is if I dont get end up opening a can of Amazonian Woman Whoop Ass on some folks. Which is another reason that I am taking today off for time to meditate and chill out. When this is all over, I am going to find a place to disappear and relax. Away from people and traffic and drama. Maybe some kissing and sex HAHAHA!! Who am I kiddding LOL

As much as I didn’t want to yesterday, I went to the Thrift store to search for some more shorts so I would have more shorts to wear at work that I didn’t spent a fortune on. 5 dollar shorts are easier to accept on a replacement than a 20-40 or more dollar pair. Then today I made it to the grocery. Last night I ordered some more jewelry, a couple is smaller chains for anklets. One I wanted was out of stock. I ordered some more earrings that are studs to replace the studs I keep in my ears that were bought from the dreaded wally world or somewhere and are nothing more now that plastic balls in my ears. Everything I ordered is Sterling Silver.

The rest of today is putting away laundry and getting the house straightened up and then nothing but another day of Chic flicks and rest as well as meditation and naps. I hope you all have a wonderful day!!!

Love Candi

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