22 November Journal

Good Morning Folks, Its wednesday and I am off the next 5 days. Woo Hoo!!!!! I am not yet awake even though its with after 7 in the morning. I am watching Ellen, that old TV show from the 90s. ITs rather stupid and yet sometimes its a little informative for me in a way. And yes I am just rambling. LOL

Well, I spent a few hours on the phone with “Mr. Sam Elliot” last night which is why I am not awake yet. Midnight comes kinda fast sometimes ya know. Then the sun decided to grace through the bathroom window on time as usual. The sun is really the only constant in my life, well, besides being alone. LMAO/. I am not sure where this chitter chatter is going to take me. He does live in another state. Long distance relationships usually do not work to well. I am not sure about this one either. We do have intellectual conversations, and still he seems to be in his own world of needing sex. I need it to but just am not in any hurry to have it. I do have other things on my mind anyways. I am saying some of this as he made a mistake last night. He  referred to my old male self in something we got to talking about. Made mention of the fact “I am not a woman”. My silence was deafening and he realized then that he made a mistake. Sticking his foot in his mouth as he said. So this morning my giddiness of him is not really there like it was yesterday. I am not sure if I should give a second chance on this, or just walk away so to speak. I just am not that desperate to have a relationship. I also think he is trying to talk himself out of attempting to have a relationship. Which is fine with me, like I said I do not need one. Even though he did say something in the lines that I dont need to be alone all my life, I needed companionship. I had to agree, but do I need it in the manner of referring back to my old person whom I left behind? Hell the Fuck NO!!!!

I got some stuff to get done today. I have to go get the remainder my paycheck into the bank. I am hoping that the paycheck this week isnt all screwed up too. So with that, I am on my way to get my shower and get started on my day. Have a great day everyone……

Love Candice

21 November Journal

Good Morning folks, It is a wonderful Tuesday morning. Today is my last day of working this week. 5 total days off and I am not sure what I am going to do. Probably go stir crazy. No actually I have things to do. I been saving up for two tires on my pick up. I go get those tomorrow provided I am not screwed on my paycheck again. Then I have to save up and get the other two soon. I have at least one tire that is nearly ready to show the air inside. ANd no, Winter Air is not the solution. LOL……. I am also going to be doing some more house cleaning, and also working on that table I have been talking about. 

As I started writing this morning, I am back on my tablet. WordPress is not working correctly on the internet. So using my laptop is out of the question this morning. But I will find a way to write I guess. Pretty much like anything else I do, I find a way. 

So My nick name for the fellow I am speaking to is now, Mr. Maumee. He and I have been really hitting it off. I still have my reservations about a long distance relationship. However I feel there must be something here, more than a sexual attraction or what ever. I do need to keep up my guard for now. But I am learning to be a little more open about things but not delve to much info all at once. But this guy, unlike the others I have met or even talked to, I seem to continue thinking about him. All day, all night, when I wake up, OMG, WTF is wrong with me? I even have this inside out feeling that I have never had before. This feeling isnt just in the brain, but all the way to my toes I feel like, well, I am not sure, funny, happy, giddy, and something else I cant even describe.

Well I need to get busy on my morning chores. Time to be getting ready for work actually. I hope you all have a great day, and safe travels provided you are traveling.

Love Candice

20 November Journal.

Happy Monday Morning every one. Unless my flake of a supervisor changes his mind, we only work two days this week. YAY!!!

So the last couple of weeks the fellow has been talking to me. I am still a bit worried about where this will take me. I do have fears about people and a relationship. I am going slow and yet I am rather wanting this fellow. I cannot understand why. He isnt anywhere close to the most handsome man on earth, or is he? Honestly he smiles in his pictures, and well, reminds me of Sam Elliot. Especially his mustache and facial features. He has not, as far as I know, hidden anything from me. He seems to be honest and has a sense of humor. So far even phone calls have been fun as well as the writing and the sincere conversation. Its just wow! I am not sure why I feel the way I do. OOODDDD

I did not make it past 5 am for my sleep time today. That rather sucks, but I did go to bed about 8 PM. So its no wonder right? That is going to make a long day for me.

I have been thinking on my weekend coming up. I do have to work on my table. I did not do anything this past weekend and yes I do feel better. Matter of fact I have to clean yesterdays dishes. But I think I have an Idea on how to make the part I need to fix the slider of the table. Which I am so ready to get fixed. But I did need the break this weekend. LMAO……

So I went to an event yesterday at the local LGBT Center. It was for Trans Awareness week. I did get a rude reminder of why I do not go to the center. One I am the an old lady there. I do not fit into the subject matter of the 20 somethings whose only lot in life is pissing people off and playing video games. I ended up doing all the cooking which I didnt mind. But I sure would have enjoyed some conversation. But those damn phones were stuck to their noses like a persistant booger. Forgive me for saying this, I mean no harm but I also felt like a bit of reverse racism was going on. Being the only person not of minority decent, I was doing the cooking and all. Meanwhile everyone else was sitting on their asses doing absolutely nothing. This brings me to the typical local attitude. IT has no race boundaries, it is the laziness of the people here. The people here must be taught to be takers. I am not sure if it is directly or indirectly taught, but its just unreal. Then some of the people at the venue there, were just lost in the idea of gender and gender fluidity. One person got upset that they were called “sir”. Being referred to as A female proper name, the person looked inherently male, with the only thing that was remotely female was a nitted wool cap on their head. THis cap was more little girl than woman, and with a 3 day beard wondered why they were called sir. Others there had holes in the clothes and I am just wierded out over that. Especially when one person had a rather large hole in the bottom their leggings and they were all but showing. If it werent for the panties I am sure she would have been. I am not sure whether to be grossed out or feel sorry for them. Now please know, I do understand folks being down on their luck, I really do. I been there. Yet I always had washed clothes and something decent to wear at an outing. No one is perfect. Then lets add this to the mix, I do not subscribe to the ghetto mind set. I never was around even minorities that took that stance either. No one handed me what I have, and yes I have lost it here and there. Still I worked to regain what I have. I never expected anyone to just “give” me anything. Do I deserve to be given something? Possibly, but I am not going to just take it either. Am I to prideful or am I just an idiot? Either way I do give what is not needed to charity. I think that is enough on this subject.

Well, folks I have been sitting here almost two hours. Holy wow, time flies when you are having fun. I do enjoy writing. I have seriously thought about a living doing just that, writing. But I do have to get myself ready for work and head out to meet monday head-on. Have a great day FOLKS!!!

Love Candice


Candi’s Chuck Wagon Kitchen

Ok folks, I am going to attempt to stay focused on keeping at least two posts a week dedicated to cooking in my way. Not that it is the best, or the healthiest, or even the funnest at times. Sometimes Cooking is a lot of work. Other times it is fun and super delicious. I try to do simple things that do not take a lot of time, fun and try to keep it healthy. As I had stated in a post I do most, like 99% of my cooking in Cast Iron. It is a lovely thing to cook with in my opinion. Not only can you use it in the house, but on the grill or over an open fire of some type also. The later is a bit of an art form and requires some experimenting. But at the same time, everything you cook inside can also be cooked outside as well.

I do Love my cast iron skillets and dutch oven. I have my camp dishes in the hutch proudly displayed as my “fine” China. LOL>  Actually I love it that way. Thats a part of my style. I am an old fashioned woman that way. Now not everything is campware in my hutch. Also, this hutch came from my grandmother. When she passed away, and my parents went through everything, I ended up with this, a stereo cabinet, and a rocking chair.


Now my cast iron is used all over the place as I stated. From camping to kitchen, I use it for what it is meant to be used as. One of the things that you will not find much of is Women at the chuck wagon doing the cooking. That area was and probably still is reserved for men. Such as barbeque is at home. Maybe that is the why of men doing the cooking outside. Women were not normally on trail drives for cattle as I know it. That doesn’t mean there wasn’t one here and there, but as being a mechanic is, women aren’t normally in that or mentioned much. But what the hell, I am always different about something and my love of cooking, and the outdoors, along with the antique things I like, especially western ways as you are learning, I am going to be me and be me I will be. LMAO…….. I am willing to bet I can out cook any male on the trail(well, if I dont burn it). A bit over confident aren’t I.

I have a grill, or camping thing I built. When I moved to Tennessee, the ground is so wet compared to my home state of Texas that a ground fire was the toughest thing to keep going. THe moisture in the ground will suck the heat out of the fire and put it out. So I had to elevate the fire off the ground. It was a wonderful thing for me, as I could now cook when and where I wanted in the manner in which I wanted to. Now standing over a hot fire in 100+ degree weather is not the funnest of things to do. Make-up tends to end up on your shirt rather than on your face, and well its ok. Because the flavors of a wood fired food is so wonderful.

Now since this picture of the meat balls was made, I have replaced the glass skillet lid with a cast iron lid so I dont have to worry about the plastic handle melting or the glass breaking into the food. Also one day I went to preheat my oven, and forgot that the large skillet was in the oven with the glass lid on it. I Had started hearing this popping noise and got up to see what it was. It was the plastic handle on the lid getting to hot. I saved it, luckily for then. But also saved up the funds for the lid.

Cast Iron isnt cheap and will also last forever if taken care of. It will also be an heirloom to be handed down for generations to come. Hopefully my kids and on so will learn to care and love the joy of cast iron and its versatility.

So as I said I will try to keep a post per week hopefully two per week on foods I have cooked. I hope you have enjoyed this post. Maybe I can work on another post about seasoning in my opinion, caring and maintaining the cast iron cookware.


Love Candice

10 November Journal

Good MOrning everyone, its Friday!!!!!!!! Yippy!!! and Guess what? I am off until Tuesday. I need it and didnt realize that I needed it until last night. BUt that you already know if you are reading my posts. No need to relive that thing.

I have to be at my American Legion Post by 830 I do believe. So I need to get myself in gear and get showered and ready to move on. I have my fears of going to this event, the veterans day parade. As there is so much reason to kill lately, and its really rampid here in Memphis. But I will have to accept what ever happens and pray that nothing will happen.

I am hungry also, its time to eat something also. Well I will write more later. HAve a wonderful day!

Typically i refuse to go fight the crowds on these days. I may be have earned what I did. But the fights aren’t worth the trouble, nor is the waiting. Maybe someday, I’ll get what I think i need. Maybe that’s what i needed. More time alone. Not that I’ve been fill of people in my life.

So here it is the 19th of November and I never posted this. Not much worth being posted but now that I have my laptop back running, I can easily get back to drafted unfinished posts. Which is a wonderful thing for me. I am still learning to type here at home on this larger keyboard. I got so used to the smaller keyboard on the dual purpose tablet I have that, this keyboard is a bit cumbersome. I have to Stretch out my fingers more. But hey I need that.

So I am letting this post go now as is. Happy reading. LOL

LoVe Candice

19 November Journal

Happy Sunday Morning everyone. It is finally winter here again in Memphis. It was a balmy morning yesterday, then rain and a cold front came about mid afternoon and the temps started to drop. I will say that the 70 degree day was nice and I wasted it staying in the house most of the day.

Staying in watching love story movies, I go a little depressed. I really fell apart at one named “Love Everlasting” It did have a wonderful ending if you can make it through the end. I think if you watch it you will see what I am talking about. Some of the others got a few things flowing and the loneliness set in. But I did Cry, Laugh and all that for the day. Thats life actually.

Thanksgiving is just a few days away. Can you believe it? OMG its a been a really fast year of life for me. So many things have happened with me this year and WOW!! Only A few months left for me on some things then well, Maybe I will be done with my mourning. Trust me its not been an easy year at all. As I have changed and my world has changed its been one hell of a ride. I am so ready for this ride to be done with. As I have been in the new place of residency for about a month and a half, I am finally getting settled in for the most part. I still do not have a good routine of things with the crap shift I am on. But I am working on it as much as possible. I would rather have an earlier shift that would allow me my afternoon time. But, that will not happen anytime soon from what I can tell.

My New years post is well on its way to being written. I still have things to talk about I am sure. I will need to go back to it and read it to see where I am on it. I will probably end up with two posts before its over with.

Well I need to get up off the couch and do something today. Like not be a hermit crab. I do not want to be the “Old Witch Lady” that people hate. I am planning on being more active but yet I am going to take care of me first and be sure to rest like I should. So I do hope you all have a great day!

Love Candicesunday-greetings-charlie-brown-snoopy

Candi’s Chicken stew

IMG_20171118_181119Dont ask me where I got this idea. I really do tend to throw things together and see what happens. 98% of the time it works out wonderfully. This time was no exception. Now keep in mind I do love a bit of spice to my meals. This was no exception, but I did over do the Heat spice on this one a little more for my female self. LMAO, I never thought I would have ever said it was hotter than I liked.

15 bean soup, leave out the mix packet that comes with it. Add one yellow bell pepper, 2 large diced up tomatoes, 1 package of onion, celery and carrot mix frozen. Chopped mushrooms, 1 can chicken broth, seasonings to taste ( i used chili powder, garlic powder, Creole seasoning, Blackening seasoning, black pepper, and just enough salt to remove that funny no salt bean taste). 2 cans of cream of chicken soup, and lastly, the ever needed Cayenne peppers dried(I put to many honestly). Lets don’t forget the Chicken, I used about a pound of chicken tenders. You can do it as you wish. This was all placed into the crock pot and let cook all day until the beans were done. The chicken was super tender and lovely. I was really surprised at how it came out.

It was so damn good OMG Flood my basement. Maybe someday I will have a man to cook for.

18 November Journal

Good Saturday Morning Everyone. I Am sure not awake this Morning. I am trying to see the weather to know what is happening. However I have to get through the murders, so far 3 or 4 of them, to get to the good stuff. as I typed this, 4 more reported. Get me the Hell out of here!!!. I still have not seen the weather. 

I went to a place last night for dinner. Alone as usual and let me tell you, the place sucked for the most part. I think I will stay to my normal couple of places for Friday Dinner. Where I went was more for couples and groups. Not for a single person. My tea glass was totally empty for about 10 minutes and I was nearly done eating before another glass was brought out. I just was not impressed. Not only that, there was not a cute a person in the place that interested me. Ok now its coffee time. YAY!!!!!!!!!

Finally the weather is being reported. LOL Looks like we are in for a bit of a ride today. Its nearly 70 degrees here, and later is supposed to start raining and a good tempurature drop. The wind has been blowing like crazy. So hard that the acorns have been landing on the roof of my place, along with other places. The acorns here are the biggest I have ever seen. Nearly the size of a golf ball, I get the crap scared out of me. I dont get very jumpy but when an acorn hits your front door and you arent expecting anyone, much less an acorn to fly under the porch cover and it the door, you get a little jumpy. Whats really bad is when they hit the roof in the bed room and you are almost into dream land of sleep. What a night mare when you when you are almost asleep and just get someone or something “knocking” on your house. 

Today is mostly going to be sitting around the house and soon to be watching movies. I have one I wanted to watch but since my dumb self let my tablet die, its not on my cue anymore. Maybe, just maybe Mr. Hitachi will come visit me. LMAO. But first its “Ellen” the show from the 90’s. One of the channels here is now showing it in the mornings and I am having a blast watching it. I have seen nearly all of most of my saturday morning westerns and have had to move on to something a bit different. Still I am an old fashoined type of girl, and still watch shows from who knows when. Now I am having a bit of difficulty with the “love” inuendos and the fact that they have a relationship. I do not have either one, it gets me somedays. Maybe this is just what I need to get through the idea of how to be a bit more seductive to get a man to date me. I am so up tight most of the time that I end up running them off. Somehow someway I will get off this slump and things will go pretty well for me I hope. Truthfully I am not all that worried about it, but I am kinda tired of being alone all the time. Dont get me wrong, I need my quiet time and my “me” time. But I have had my own time long enough now I would think. But I do have what I wanted, drama free life. Well unless they short my paycheck like they did yesterday. It is really getting old to have my check shorted every couple or three weeks. And somehow this paragraph has gotten all side tracked and I need to stay focused. LMAO. 

Well folks I am off to do some reading and catching up on all that is happening from all you that I am following here on WordPress. Have a great day,

Love Candice

17 November Journal

Good Friday Morning Folks. The weekend is upon us and well, I am so ready to do nothing this weekend. The last couple days at work has been peaceful also. The kid that has to work with me on the shift we are on has been out. I have gotten more done and have not felt like a babysitter. The fellow is not really wishing to work and it seems that his need to talk on the phone all day is more important than the job he supposed to be doing. Maybe he wont be there today and quittng time will come much faster. 

Last night I cheated on dinner. I baked up those tyson chicken patties, heated up some refried beans, cut an avocado, and tomatos, and made up some tacos with it. Add some cheese and whoooooo hoooo, they were really good. I just did not want to be cooking half the evening. 

In other news, oh there is no other news. LMAO. I was talking to a guy that was seemingly interested in me then poof, like always nothing else. I am not holding my breath to have any dating time. Most men have their thoughts coming fromt he brain in the pants and that is where this guy was going. Not to mention he lives 2 states to the north and east. I have come to the conclusion that here, in Memphis, I am just to much of a freak and intimidating for the likes of men here. I was the bar on sunday and well, Mr. Adams Apple, struck up a conversation and refered to me has a he and him. It was then that I was done with him. Besides, he was not all that cute, but was cuter than most I have had the pleasure of meeting and speaking to. However, ya know what, someday a person, preferably male, will accept me, my height, and all and we will live happily ever after. LOL…… Things arent always happy but we would be able to work together to make it happy even the hard times too. 

I managed to sleep a little later than my normal 4 am. I actually made it to daylight. WHEEEEE!!!! LMAO….. I need to get ready for work and all that. Decide my lunch that I am taking to work, and still working on what I want for dinner tonight. Hope you all have a wonderful Friday….

Love Candice

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