18 August Journal

Happy Sunday Afternoon Folks. Its been a long week, and the weekend is nearly over and I am still worn out. Which is partly my own fault. I did my errands yesterday morning. Then I took a nap, after which I started sewing. 8 hours yesterday, 4 hours today, my back is a little bit on the hurting side. My project required me to move the machine to where I could put the material on the kitchen table and set up a camping table to catch it on the way through. So now it is still isnt done, but, I am resting. Needed rest, and a movie. A heating pad on my back and maybe, once dinner is done, a glass or two of wine.

Tonights dinner, well, is a hodge podge of a goulashy veggies being broccoli, Cauliflower, carots and green peas, hamburger, noodles with flavors and cream of chicken soup, cream of mushroom, and chicken broth. Oh and a can of tomatoes . Who Knows what is gonna taste like. Maybe if things have gone right, good!!! In true Candi Fashion, there is a lot of it in the pot to last about all week. I say to myself “Good Grief hunny, why?!” Now that it is baking, it smelling good. It was a Candi Take on Stroganoff.

So in the dating world, I got a message from a dude. Holy shit listen to this crap. “Hey babe I really wanna get to know you.” so I looked at his profile, Three pics of a stoned off his ass man, and about 5 or more of pics of stacks of $100 bills. I didnt even reply. I came to conclusion he was not worth a reply. I have things to worry about other than drugs. I am totally done with the men thing. I am perfectly fine and happy being alone. No I am not lonely, but just alone. Guess what? There is nothing wrong with it.

Well folks, I am off here to get my dinner from the oven and finish vegging out. I do Hope you all have a great day.

Love Candi


10 August Journal

Good Evening Folks. Its been a long day, having to be at work in the heat again. I sstayed out of it as much as possible. However, last week I was not able to and earned myself a couple days off from heat exhaustion. Go Figure. The Lovely womanhood.

Last Sunday I made a shipwreck casserole. I could have stood to leave out the potatoes, and add some extra rice. I also may do it again with some chicken rather than hamburger. I just dont eat much beef anymore and it seemed to mess up my tummy a little. SO I have to eat it in moderation with white meat, mostly Chicken tenders seasoned my way being the main stay of my foods. That is of course adding veggies to the whole mix. Anyways there was so much of the casserole that I had it for lunch every day this past week. I am a bit burned out on that. Though a twist on it would make it a bit more palatable.
Tonights dinner is a baked potato with who knows what on it. SOmething that I enjoy quite a bit. However I hate the wait time on it to cook. There is no taste test to keep you satisfied during the cooking process ya know. I can say that the wait is usually well worth it.

So my Project is getting close to the final stages of completion. The hardest part is nearly complete. Then I get to go buy more material and finish this whole thing up. Then I can do something else. I have a great many ideas for some skirts and tops. Who knows, Maybe I can start making some decent money with this sewing gig. Right now it is all a learning process again. ITs been a bit over 20 years since I did a lot of sewing and now I am back into it. Funny how things work out like that.

So now I have this issue with the men wanting to date me. All kinds of wierdos. Today I got a message from a dude that as he says, is incarcerated. I sure do not need any drama to my life. Especially the kind that involves a convict. Then add the ones that cant get it up. Yes they seem to be proud of it. Also the dopers and scammers. But the convict in prison is the end of the journey for me. I am just totally done with dating anyone. I just cannot deal with the men these days. Someday I will stumble on someone, or them me, maybe. Otherwise, I am just not going to try any more. It is just to disheartening.

Well Folks, back to my movie, “Women without Men” then what ever the SvenGoolie show is tonight. I am also intending to go back to my sewing as well. Have a good Night.

Love Candi

4 August Journal

Good Sunday Morning everyone!! The sun is shining, but the ice is slippery. LOL. I am trying to get back into writing again.

Over the course of the week, as I was browsing Pinterest, I stumbled upon a recipe for a “ShipWreck Casserole”. SO I am gonna give it a try with my Candi twist, as usual. Really I only need to know a couple things when seeing the recipe, one, what they are using as meat and veggies and cook temp. The rest is really good old Western imagination and Candi Cooked Spices. Not always heat spicy, but good as can be. So I am going to work on my own “Shipwreck” of a dinner using many of the same ideas of the original recipe I say that dates back to around the WWII Era. The rice, taters, onions, celery and hamburger meat. There will be additional items, such as bell pepper and a few serrano peppers. I hope it comes out, I am sure it will as usual. I have yet, in the last few years, to make a dish that ended up in the garbage. My besties get all pissed because I can just see a picture, taste a meal at a restaurant, or even smell it and make it with no recipe. I tell them it is good old old fashion imagination. LOL!!

I also have some beef in a marinade overnight. I took it out this morning to warm up before putting into dehydrator trays for jerky. This is a different take on my spicy jerky that is, unlike the store bought, actually spicy. My Jerky is also not “red” in color. It is more black. I also dry it more than some claim is needed. I prefer it dry and crispy for some reason. It also lasts longer in the shelf than other “wet” types.

I think one of the keys to my success as a mechanic, wood refinisher, cook, seamstress, and leather worker is the idea of making things happen on my own. Finding ways of old that work, expanding knowledge, and the thought process of the Japanese, Nothing is perfect, yet, it is all perfect. In other words “perfection is a road, not a destination.”

Anyways, I am getting off here. I have things to do. Gotta get back on the sewing project, get the meat in the dehydrator, start the casserole, and maybe, if after the check book says so, I need to get my nails done.

Have a great Day Everyone!!!

Love Candice

3 August 2019

Happy Saturday Evening everyone. Its been a long couple of weeks and a very long day today. I had to work today, so I had to get up early and go to work. Not something I care to do on the weekends. I am going to need to work for the next couple of weekends it looks like. I have inventory to get fixed. I am sick of the mess left behind by previous IDIOTS.

I tell ya, these people these days are lazy!!!! The mechanics are supposed to be at work at 5 this morning. Three of the four showed up after 7. Two of those we weren’t sure were even going to come in. No Call No show until late in the morning. then just appeared. What really is pissing me off, these folks were hired at a rate 6-10 dollars more an hour than I am being paid, but yet, I am the one doing their work. I am to a point that I am about to say something bad. I surely need to make mention of the fact that I stepped away from the shop floor for health reasons doesn’t mean I want to be out on the shop floor doing the work. IF i need to be assisting as much as I am, and not getting my own work done, then I need to get more money per hour. At my current pay, I feel I just am supposed to be the “stupid” admin Lady. NExt Subject………

My Project is slowly coming together. I have ran out of thread, more than once. Gosh these modern day spools of thread are not holding much. So I ended up buying an Embroidery thread on a large spool to get the strength and amount I need to get my project done, without having to travel across the county to the fabric store. Yah I could go to the dreaded wally world. But, they dont have much of a choice in their selection of thread. I need color choices folks. I am working on other ideas for future, hopefully less daunting projects. When it finally cools off and I have some funds on the til, then I can move into my chuck box idea again. For me, Time outside doing much is a killer on my hydration. It doesnt take long for me to get hydrated.

So I still have another Christmas Project to make for someone also. I am working a different design in my head than the one i have now. So it will be much simpler than the original idea I had. Anyhting worth while is going to take a bit to get done. However, I hate long drawn out projects such as the one I am currently on.I am about two months into it and three trips to the fabric shop for fabric. The last one they were out of the original material and well, I had to find a close match. Since the shop is moving, they are really reducing the inventory they have. I just need to get to the point of where I need the last couple pieces of material, then I will be all set to get this thing done. I can surely say I am ready to get this done and see how it really turns out. Sorry Folks, No pictures of this until well after it has been delivered. When you post on WWW, nothing is safe or even a secret. So the best thing to do is just say all I have said to date. LOL ….. And this is why i am still single, I AM A BITCH!! LMAO

Oh, and I finally found some info on my Sewing machine. The base that it sits on is a 1911 Singer Treadle, I have to original Singer machine. Though it is missing a throat plate (bobbin cover). The Machine I am using, that was given to me by a friend, is an Aldens. I found out that Aldens used to be a store in Chicago. More precisely, Originally Chicago Mail Order and Millinery Company created in 1889. The company was Incorporated in 1902. Anyways, through a lot of research, the Japanese Branded machine that I have, turned up in a catalog from 1956-57 for $100.00. The non-zig-zag one for about $60. The Company, though I am not sure where the name aldens came from, was large enough to rival Sear-Roebuck and Montgomery Wards at the heyday. Now gone since the 80’s, I have a piece of that Americana, as well as a couple pieces of Singer. Now my Aldens did come in a case and has a motor and belt. I opted to go with the treadle. I kinda fell in love with the treadle idea years ago in another life. I found I have better control over the speed when sewing. Not to mention a couple things else wise. They make less noise, almost non-existent noise when operating Also, the old machines can do certain, what i call light, Leather work. They dont bind up. They will last forever if taken care of. I do plan on refinishing the wood on my treadle base as soon as i get done with these couple of projects. I love my machine, and would not trade it for anything in the world.. The machine in the cover photo is very similar to whay I have. Mine doesnt have the lever left to right on the bottom and is also blue with an off white top rather than all black.

Anyways folks, I need to cut some meat for jerky and get it marinading. Hope you all have a great evening!

Love Candice

20 July Journal

Happy Saturday Everyone!!! Holy WOW, Its been nearly a month since I wrote anything here. I have no Idea why, busy as can be for one. I really need to stop and remember to reflect and decompress at least once a week and write whats on my mind.

There has been nothing going on around of any writing significance. Barely cooking, only enough to live, not living to eat. Work is stressing me out some and I am getting irritable. Which as I reflected a little, realized I am getting or am dehydrated. More so the latter. This heat here is killing me. I actually rode my motor cycle last week to work all week. But its so hot here, that I got totally dehydrated and been working all this week to get hydrated to no avail. The stupid humidity is the real issue here. Its not even really hot by my standards of Texas heat. At 90 Degrees, you would think that I would be in heaven after living 100+ degree temps all my summer days. But oh no, the humidity here makes it even worse than the Texas heat. You just cant cool off because the sweat that pours from your body, immediately upon stepping outside does absolutely no good what so ever. When I say pours from your body, I am meaning it is really pouring. I am suprised the mechanics arent out there dying. As I have finally learned, one of my meds is a diuretic. It does one thing that is good, holds potassium. The other thing is makes you flush out every other nutrient in your body including the sodium and sugars needed for muscle function. So the muscles crap, you are tired and irritable and just simply cannot sleep. Even my change in eating habits, adding more nutrient rich and hydrating foods is not working as well as I hoped. So I am going to talk to my pharmacist today or tomorrow. Hopefully there is a supplement I can take to help add the things back into my system that I am losing. Hopefully it will help my out of balance gut that isnt working as good as it should.

For those that are wondering about my love life, there isnt one. Its mostly sewing, my job and other projects to keep me from going insane. There have been a couple hopeful suitors that turned into scammers. The rest are either lost about me, scared of me or only want a place to put their ding dong and make a new notch on the bed post claiming the domination of the sexual escapades with a trans woman. Something I am not wanting to be.

Well Folks, I am getting off to go get groceries for the week. I need to get a few supplies for a project. I ran out of a couple colors of thread and need to get some more. I am thinking I may want more than a regular spool of the stuff. Hopefully you all have great day. If you are in an area where the extreme heat and or humidity is, drink plenty of hydrating fluids.

Love Candice

23 June Journal

Happy Steamy Sunday Morning everyone. Yes, its summer in Dixie and the humidity is back with a vengeance. It isnt even “hot” outside, its just so humid that the air is almost unbreathable, making it feel worse than it really is. I did speak to some folks back in my home state. They say that the actual air is over 100 then adding 60+ percent humidity leaving a heat index of 120+ degrees. Anyways, its that time of year and I am trying to stay in as much as possible.

My T-Shirt Blanket is finally done. I am so glad to be done with that mind boggling and frustrating project. I found out after the fact, when I was asking and talking to folks in the quilt shops and fabric stores. There is a substance to iron on the back of the t-shirts to keep them from stretching and going stupid. By the time I heard about it I was already to a point of putting the backing on and well, I just went on with what I had going. The Border is a cut up bed sheet. As I been replacing sheets slowly but surely, I decided to keep them around for the Idea of using as parts of quilts and other projects. They are cheap material, one pillow case is missing on the ones being replaced. My ex took the pillow cases leaving me with all kinds of mismatched sheeting. So as I have extra funds, I get a new set of sheets. Any ways, the world unveiling of the worst T-Shirt Blanket ever;

Finished Back side.

So I did learn and restored a my desires to sew things again. T-shirt Material is not on my list of projects again for a while. I have some other ideas for some things. Maybe if I get good enough, I can sell some of this stuff. Never know, as I cannot do what I used to do I am having to reinvent myself. It has been a fun thing to reinvent myself. Relearning life over the last few years has been a weird, fun and crazy ride. Its been a bit stressful as well. Partly because I had to step away from being out on the shop floor. Being on the shop floor is Something I have done all my adult life. Walking away, finally was the hardest thing I think I had to ever do, aside from my transition. All I have ever known to do had to be changed into a teaching and admin role as my health and physical abilities has become way more important than being what I once was. I had been there on the floor for 30 years. I sure am not a spring chicken in the industry at all. So, going back to some other loves in my life, such as sewing, cooking and other crafts is slowly and yet quickly moving into the forefront of my life. I just need to utilize those things to my benefit. That is where my closer friends are the best at helping me on that, yet, I am the teacher of how to do things, it seems all things, I seem to have a natural ability to do.

My sewing machine is one that a friend gave me. I ended up going and buying an antique base to put it on. The sewing machine that came on the base and probably the base as well, was born in 1911. The singer machine is still needing some work on it before I can use it. There was a part missing but I love that blue machine. It has a zigzag stitch, easy to use stitch length lever, as well as the zigzag stitch is easy to adjust. What was crazy is that the blue “Aldens” machine was an exact match for the belt, and mounting on the treadle base I have bought. I am loving it.

Anyways Folks, I need to get ready to head to the grocery. I been cleaning up behind my project this morning. Getting ready to start another, smaller project. SOmething that will help me relearn some clothing stitching and pockets. I have a pattern I bought Yesterday for just such a thing.
I do hope you all have a great day!!!

Love Candice

15 June Journal

Good Saturday Morning everyone! The super humid heat is coming back today and over the course of the next week. It isnt that hot yet. the last couple of weeks has been wonderful. Low humidity, low 80 temps has been a most wonderful thing.

Dating has been a little busy for me this past week. I seem to be having some activity, more than I am accustomed to. One fellow wants to meet and have dinner tonight. My main squeeze who has been out taking care of issues has come back wanting to make a time to meet again. Gosh knows I need some of that ding dong. Several men have graced out my profile this past week. The other day I sat down on one of the sites I am on and in the last 2-3 years, yes I cant remember how long its been, I counted over 3000 men either looking at or talking to me. That makes me wonder if there is something wrong with me. The fact that maybe I am not bowing down to the almighty cock. Or is it the fact I dont take crap, or that I am 900 miles tall. Could it be that I know more than most men these days do on a lot of different things? Maybe I am not woman enough being a trans woman, which leads to the next part here. What/how do I address the issue of being trans? Do I just be stealth, and not say anything? Where does the fact that I am trans need to be given out? It is on my profile so I am not hiding it. But the fact is still there that men do not read profiles. They only look at pictures. Which I only have one on my profile. Most of the men I have spoken to are really only wanting a place to put their cock and get off. After which they run off. Even the ones that state they are cool and want to know more about me are still only looking for the novelty of being with me. I hate that more than anything. With that, I think I have become fearful of the folks in this world. I have my share of scammers pop along. They are usually very evident, as they never mention being trans and have a set of words and structures that give them away like crazy. Its almost like they speak to each other. With that said, I am fearful of a relationship. I have failed three times and well, made a pact to myself at the beginning of the last one that I would be done if anything had ever happened to that relationship. I think the Great Spirit is making sure that I hold on to that promise. Yeah I know, that’s a crazy thing to say. Being trans, I can say it this way as well; He is gone and wasn’t good at a relationship, she on the other hand is here and never had one. Seeing as I am both of those folks, I now wonder why I am being so apprehensive about this whole dating thing. I am no where close to the person I was once. Though I do think it is because I recall from first hand experience what the other gender is really like. I do think I am getting more and more comfortable and am willing to get out and date more. Enough on this subject.

Well, I do need to get moving and get ready to move on to the chores of the day. Meeting a friend for breakfast, then we are going to the antique shop tent sale. If time allows we may be at the Fabric shop for some things I need to finish my T-shirt blanket project. Which Honestly is a bit larger than I was intending. its like 80×65. So an entire width of the material will be needed to make the backing. Then I have to determine what I want for the border. Have a great Day everyone!!

Love Candice

11 June Journal

Good Morning folks, most of you are still asleep. I cant sleep tonight for some crazy reason and well, I have been up since 230. This is going to be a long day I can see that.

My motorbike is calling my name to be ridden. The weather has not been in the best of the riding lately. Then when it is, I am at work. I have to put a new battery on the thing. The battery finally taken a dump on the thing after about 4 years. Pretty good on a motorcycle battery. I also am needing a new front tire. But I think that can wait a little bit.

Work has been a real drag lately. The internet isnt working right and the IT department states its because to many people are on the network. I find that funny as hell as I dont have that issue at the other locations, only at the one I am currently working at. The Internet has always been that way there and it was good for a about a week and a half. Then it dumped and cant perform as it should. The fellow I talked to is kind of an ass anyways. Its no wonder that I cant get anywhere. What makes it worse is that I was the only one there later in the afternoon and it was still moving like pond water.

ANyways folks, I need to get ready for work and get some breakfast eaten. I didnt eat much for dinner and well, that could be why I am awake. Have a great day everyone.

LOVE Candice

2-9 June journal

Well folks, it’s been a week now since I was on hiatus to Eastern Tennessee. I had good time aside from all traffic. My friends and I decided to never go away on a holiday weekend. Good thing we didn’t do any major attractions. The mountains are beautiful in the spring. The water in the streams and rivers is ice cold and awfully refreshing.

Good Sunday Morning everyone, its been a long ass two weeks of being so busy I have had no time to write or even rest. Which is what I have been doing mostly this weekend. Yesterday wasnt as resting as I planned, but I did get my blanket project closer to completion. Being a type of a patchwork quilt blanket, I did get all the patches and blocks put together for the top of the blanket. Now I need to work on a backing. I will need to decide what I want for the backing and how heavy a blanket I want. ITs been a fun project. However as I have figured out, trying to sew T-shirt material together and keeping them square and even is a hard task. Its been a fun task and a wonderful learning experience about quilting. Something I may see about working on in the future to keep me busy at home.

As I have been feeling worn out, not so good tom my tummy I have not been cooking much of anything elaborate lately. Just what I need to live. Once a week is soup and fish, More and more veggies and very little red meat. I need to look at more recipes for ideas a the evening meal. One of my other things I have been doing in the food department, is reducing the amount of food I eat per sitting. That has been a task in and of itself. As I am used to eating way more than I am, pushing away is a hard thing to do. But since I don’t do as much physical activity as I did when I was on the shop floor. This is also part of the reason why I am not cooking as much as I was. I am trying to be sure I have more time for some outdoor activity or some kind of exercise.

I hope you all have a great day everyone. I am off to rest more and maybe figure out a breakfast after my coffee.

Love Candice

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