26 April Journal

Good Thursday Morning everyone. Its pouring rain again and that matches how I feel last evening, and some of this morning too. I am really not in the mood to get to work today but will to pay bills and for other members of the  team not so much for the stuporvisor.

Yesterday evening an era actually came to a close. The vehicle I had bought some ten years ago was sold. The pickup had the transmission go out about a month or so ago. I finally sold it. As it was towed off so was the last pieces of  “him”. That was a piece that was really hard to let go of. It made it easy for me to get things done and get around town in the rain. Now I am only stuck with the motorcycle and trying to get the money set aside to get another vehicle more my style. I will need a pickup, but not a big ass work truck that I had. Looking out the window to the empty space where the truck had always sat is a bit disheartening. But I am trying to keep an up beat mind about the whole thing. Still the tears keep coming here and there, and I will be fine in time. Aside from that, I dont have to be worried about what someone thinks when the date comes along and I am driving a vehicle better more manly than my date has. I bet that has a lot to do with the run away dates LMAO!!!

So work is really wearing me out. I just cannot keep up with the days. I come home, eat, pass out and well, usually never hear the alarm now as I am so tired. What the hell I am doing still working as a mechanic is beyond me. I dont mind the work so long as I dont have to do the really heavy stuff. Working longer days is really a killer.

Well Folks I do have to be at work early today from my regional managers asking. We dont know if the stuporvisor will be there today at all. I Hope you all have a great day!!

Love Candice


25 April Journal

Happy Wednesday folks, Hope you are all warmer than I am right now. I Dont know if I am sick or just got a chill. I been tossing and turning for the last hour or so before the alarm went off.

Yesterday at work was an eventful day. If it could go bad or something it did. Even though our stuporvisor was not there yesterday things went better than normal. It still was a crap day trying to keep up with and get caught up on what was happening.

I have not got a lot of things in my head to write about this morning. So with that I am getting off of here. I hope you all have a great day

Love Candice

24 April Journal

Good Morning Folks it is tuesday and all is well. I been a busy beaver lately and am kinda tired. The phone has been going crazy all night and Lucky I passed out and never heard it. I had posted my broken vehicle for sale. It seems to be attracting a lot of attention and desires. However I am not asking much for it and still am getting low balled on the thing. Matter of fact, it drew up almost 400 views and nearly as many messages on the thing in 4 hours. I was at work and could not take the time to get all the inquisitions answered. So I had to take it down and move on from there. Some of these people are just nuts.

I been rather bloated and feeling like a beached whale lately. I think I figured out what it was that was doing it. Had the same issue last year about this time from eating the same stuff but did not realize that was the issue. But it doesnt help that I ate more than I should have of such thing. Spinach dip seems to mess my gut up. I dont know why, I eat spinach and have no issues. So it must be something else in the dip that gets me messed up. So I stayed off the dip yesterday and made up some dinner that was super wonderful and just enough to be able to eat it all.

I got a lot of other things going in the dating front. Seems maybe I am more desired than expected or maybe I am just a novelty to be spoke to in hopes of having sex with by these men. You know that a mans brain is in the pants and well, I think you know. No need to go further into that. Most are not all that interested in a relationship, though I am rather wishing for one. Since I have not seen any shooting stars to wish on this year, I have no hopes in the love department. We have had so much rain and clouds and cold weather that I have not sat outside in the mornings like I used to. It also doesnt help that I am not smoking and have no reason to sit outside on a stoop to see the stars.

Getting off track here I think my Stuporvisor has just texted me. I am not doing anything extra for that man. He stated we are working saturday. He never asks, just demands. Never any emotion or care about anything but himself. That makes it really hard to be a model employee.

Well, peoples, I need to get up and get moving on the day. Hope you all have a great day everyone!!

Love Candice

23 April Journal

Good Morning folks, What a dreaded day for me. I have no desire to go to work this morning. I really just wanna sleep some more. I am so done with the stuff at work and the need to be there is only financial, not because I am enjoying it anymore.

It is raining again or was last night and this morning when I got up. The sun actually came out for a little bit yesterday evening. From what I see we are to be wet all week long. Not that I am really looking forward to that. If this keeps up we are never gonna get to play softball.

Much like work, dating is getting to be a thing to do to stay occupied. Not that I need to date anyone in the first place. I just need to get busy on my storage and get that stuff sold off and cleared out. Then I can worry about dating after that. I think I been doing this all wrong. I do at this moment have a date on friday. Not sure how this will go but I guess it will be worth the troubles for a free meal, LMAO….. Not that I expect a free anything. Men seem to feel that if they pay for dinner you owe them some nooky.

Well folks, I need to get up and get ready for work. Not that I am in a mood to go I do need be there so I can earn my pay. Unlike others in this town that feel they dont have to actually earn anything. Have a good day everyone!!!

Love Candice

22 April Journal

Happy and wonderful wet Sunday morning everyone. I am I little hung over this morning. Somehow hang overs are just extreme sleepiness the next morning with all that grogginess. I never really ever get a headache anymore.

I managed to get all my errands and chores done at home yesterday. I do still need to make it to storage. I have a lot of stuff there to do. But I stayed in after the grocery as I needed to to just hang out at home. So I had Open fire grill or AKA Chuck Wagon Cooking last night. Burgers, hot links and potato wedges on the fire pit. It was so good I almost flooded my basement.  The sitting next to the fire and watching the flames dance on the log and the smell of food cooking, it was heaven.


Well, it is gonna be another no softball Sunday. Rained out once again, making us not play a game as of yet this year. So our only play of the year that I have been a part of was practice on Thursday where we all about froze to death because winter just has not given up this year just yet. LOL!!!

I have nothing going on today except clean up after my BBQ last night. I was a bit to drunk to do that so I will get it done here in a few. But I do need to get up and get busy doing that. Otherwise I am resting and doing absolutely nothing today. I have left over burgers and stuff to eat so I dont hve to cook, and well, can be a lazy woman today. Us girls do need some rest now and then. Hope you all have a great day!!

Love Candice

21 April Journal

It is Saturday, and well, I am not going to work. I am however working around my house. I need to get the bath room cleaned and some things done I need to get done today. I cannot work every Saturday. it puts a strain on my body and I have to get some rest. Besides, I am not working extra for a man who dictates to any one in a demeaning manner to his employees the needs of a poor planning. Not to mention, in the conversation yesterday, I found out we are not behind and he is just being an ass. Trying to cover up his imperfections by forcing us, the only two people he has working for him, to do extra work because he he wants to look good. Sadly he has already proven he is incompetent and and ass, making his days numbered.

Last night was sushi night in my world. The atmosphere is wonderful as well as the food. My waitress is good, and well, she needs to keep up with the tables a little better. She turns out to be Japanese and speaks with the Japanese accent in her English. She spoke so fast I almost did not did not understand her in English. I did not attempt any Japanese at all. Anyways I got to looking at the men. Which is what I always do anyways. One fellow was either looking at me trying to decide to join me, or looking at the tv above my head. Not sure which but either way he was looking my direction. He was kinda cute, but couldnt have been more than 30 if that old.

Seeing as how I got to see my sweetie Tuesday, I have not heard from him since. I was told to let him have some time. I figured that after 4 days or so with no words I must have been duped. He was so sweet and wonderful and well, got through the BS radar that most men do not ever get out of the chute with. I really did think that he had some feelings there, and well, apparently not. If he did, he got freaked out by me or something. SO I guess I am back on the market for a man. Maybe I didnt do things right, or what ever I am not sure. So I do take it as a learning lesson on myself and well, I needed the feelings I have even if it was for a short while. I am grateful for it.

Well folks, I am off to get ready for what I need to get done today. I have plenty to do and well, I need to get it done. Hope you all have a great day folks.

Love Candice

20 April Journal

Happy Friday everyone! I am a worn out lady and really could careless about being proper at the moment. LOL. Oops I have forgotten what I was gonna say. I know I am tired but wow!! Now I remember, this crazy ass weather is really crazy. Its winter again in temps here. The thirty degree temps have returned and it never got out of the 50s yesterday. Then today its supposed to be nearly 20 degrees warmer after a 30 degree morning. GOOD GRIEF!!! what is going this year.

I know I am supposed to be working tomorrow per the dictatorship the stuporvisor. However I am not going in to work tomorrow. I have made it clear I have plans, I was kurtly told “tough shit”. Not a person on the lot likes this fellow, and no one has any respect for the fellow that seems to feel that dictatorship is the way manage people. Yesterday I was in no speaking mood to that man. He asked if I was ok, I said I had things to do and was ok. I then went about what I have to get done. He pretty much avoided everyone and was an ass all day even before I got there. It seems the more I learn about people, the less I want to get out of the house. Especially men!!

Well, I made up some spicy taco filling the other evening for dinner. Some super good soul food for me. I slept like a baby. I have not had that in a long long time. Now I am paying for it LMAO. Speaking of food, It is Friday and well, its sushi night. I have gotten to where I look forward to that more than Mexican food. Let me tell ya, Mexican food is, or was, my most favorite food on the planet. My ex took me to a hibachi grill one time, well more than that. But anyways, I was liking it and some of the sushi she had gotten for me to try was not that bad. Now years later, mostly post transition, my tastes have changed and sushi is actually more on my palate than the hibachi side. I will say I rarely ever go to Chinese anymore. The Japanese kitchen menu is about the same as price as Chinese. It is filling and not as bad for you as the crap in american Chinese food. Two sushi rolls and a flask of sake during the happy hour that I make it to after work is about the same as a night at Mexican place. Though one sushi roll is good enough I get two. Since where i go is two for one during happy hour. I could get a kitchen order of something hot but figured I am better off with something light and more healthy.

Well Folks, I have to get ready for work. Not that I want to go in, but that is life. With no man to take care of me I have to work. LMAO,,,, I think I would be working even if I had a man. I cant just sit around the house and cleaning the house will get done at some point and life will be all lazy. I hope you all have a great day!

Love Candice

19 April Journal

Good morning folks it is Thursday. I nearly didnt get out of bed. I am pretty worn out from work. Trying to keep up with the extra hours and what keep my sanity about me when dealing with the dictator stuporvisor. I am to the point that I am gonna be sitting down and doing my resume up again since I cannot find my old one. I had planned to do that last night but I was so tired last night that I just didnt talk to anyone or attempt to write anything for a resume. Hell I am still pretty tired.

I think I got duped on the love front. The cutest, sexiest, handsomest, sweetest man I have ever met has not spoken to me since he got home. I am hoping I am not on the I got one pile from him. I will know in a day or two. If I dont hear from him in a couple days, then well, I will know I got used, and he was good enough to get through my bs radar. Not many people can do that. Not even my stuporvisor, who almost did a couple times over some non-relationship related stuff. Men are all the same. SEX

I am running a bit late this morning. I need to get up and do my getting ready for work and still have not come to the conclusion that I want to go to work. I need to and will do so. I have a job to finish up that I started last night and I could go and see about getting it back together. I think I am also gonna get myself back out on the dating market that I have been rather lax on lately since I thought I had someone. I know that I need to keep trying regardless. Maybe I was to honest about things with the fellow, and others I just wont jump into the bed with on whim. I didnt jump into bed on a whim with this last fellow either. I really did feel something from him.

Anyways folks, I am off here to get my morning routine going so I can get to work. Have a great day!!!

Love Candice

18 April Journal

Happy Hump day everyone, its been a long ass week so far. Yet its also been a worthy week of life to me in other ways.

My sweetie came to see me last evening. IT was a wonderful night of time spent with him. He is such a wonderful man. We talked and I rubbed his back arms, hands legs and feet. I know he was needing it and well, I wanted to. We talked some more and laughed and had fun. Yes the world melted away and I never had a thought otherwise until now. Even now I am still in a heavenly fog. I had to make sure that he was up at 130 this morning, which I was not wanting at all. But he had to get his work van back to the yard. He made it home and let me know he got there. He is a dreamboat and I still feel that way now.

In other news, I have a half a mind to call in sick this morning. But I am not going to. The world at work is full of a bunch of lies and hate from my supervisor. I really do feel that the man wants me gone. Which is fine and dandy if he had the balls to actually say it. So not only is he a liar, hes also a yellow belly about how to approach me. I think he is learning and is trying to slip in under my BS radar. I still watch and notice the everything he does and says from his face to his feet. He really needs to get fired. BUt I cannot control that. He was really over shadowed by my sweetie and I need to stay focused on the BS radar while I am at work.

Anyways folks, the time has come to get up and get ready for work. As much as I do not want to be there, and would rather be in someones arms instead. I hope you all have a wonderful day!!

Love Candice

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