26 June Journal

Good Morning everyone! Welcome to a lazy Sunday morning. Which is what we are having so far today. We do plan on a short hike today but nothing else. Maybe a couple of hours.

The last camping trip was a great thing until this week. Now I am covered in poison ivy rashes on one side. Now a week later, I know what it is and am doing everything I Can to end it. Other than the itch I am ok. What I learned was that I got it on my arm around the elbow. That has since been transferred to my torso and part of my thigh on the right side only. I keep attempting to figure out when I got into it. I do not recall ever being allergic to poison ivy. ANyways, I think it was when I hung the food bag up. What appeared to be kudzu must have been poison ivy. Unless I got into some poison sumac, which I am beginning to feel is what it was. Since we are going back out next week to camp, I will be doing some looking. Maybe run into the book store for something to be able to identify various plants both poisonous and beneficial. We do have stuff that will ease and help move us toward healing that. We also bought some wipes specific for hiking to keep handy in the woods. That way we can treat this if we even think that we got into it. IT took over a week for anything pop up on me. Beau had it in a couple days. Also we will definitely be on the look out for such things so we do not get this mess again.

Food this week and this weekend has been a bit off. Since I thought I put the sausage in the freezer I whipped up some Knorr noodle and some canned chicken stuff with a can of pinto beans. It turned out way good and was great. I may dehydrate that for the trip we are taking the week of the 4th. I dont think I have enough food for two days out in the woods. This will be our longest hiking trip. We will be visiting the same location we did a couple weeks ago. Mostly so we get our packs into order and hopefully lighter for longer trips. Every ounce will be counted and counted, reduced and rechecked. As we are learning various things, we are reducing the weight of our packs. So far I have ditched about 15-20 pounds by making changes. Today is going to be what was planned out for dinner yesterday. Kielbasa and with some veggies. And I may make up some rice to go with it. Since the meat is so greasy it will not be a good candidate for dehydration later. I Am not sure what my plans for the week of eating will be. Lately, mostly since meeting Beau, my ideas of cooking during the week has been a bit off. The need to eat still there but usually something simple that will go a long ways is the norm. Sadly, going to the grocery isnt even exciting anymore since the prices have up so bad. I got only what was needed at the “BIG K” yesterday and they were 150 bucks for 4 sacks of groceries. Sadly they are the only ones with certain items I am picky about. Those being my coffee brand and the unsweet pure cranberry juice. Now I did not have to purchase 150 dollars of stuff. The trip to another store was not on the agenda since the gasoline is so expensive now also. The latter adding fuel to the rising prices of everything else. This is simply not a local problem in our country but, a worldly problem. I even hear tell of rules coming out to reduce energy usage in Europe as well as here. I can only imagine what happened in our world to cause such issues. I know that eating will be a secondary item to everything else in my life as these prices continue to rise. I may even have to work from home more often since I Cannot afford to be at the office everyday with these fuel prices.

Well folks, it is time to get back on some chores before we hit the trail for the day. Heading back home we will be sitting and finishing up a series we started a couple months ago and only watch on the weekends. Dinner will have to get cooked up and rest for the rest of the day.

Hope you all have great day everyone!!!

Love Candi

15 June Journal

Good Sunday Everyone!!! It is Fathers Day, be sure to wish all your fathers a happy day. Let them know you think of them and wish to be there with them if you cant.
Its a wonderfully cool morning in the 60s here. A much welcome change to the 85 degree nights we have had all this week. Over the week, exhaustion is what we are after only one night of a hike camp. I can say it was great as the picture shows. No kids playing around us no noise other than from the mighty Mississippi river barges and the wildlife.

The heat here this week has been stifling to say the least. Humidity is horrible and causing heat index values in the 120 range. The actual temp on Monday was only 99 at one point. Tuesday wasn’t quite as bad. So I got the yard mowed and was just to hot for eating dinner. Beau is still tired and having to deal with issues in the heat more than I. I did fix dinner and have plenty for lunches the rest of the week. Some chicken and veggies and rice with Rotel added for extra flavor. It did smell good and a taste test proved good. I just didn’t have the desire for food. My lunch was a bit heavy on me and not sitting to well to be honest.

So we did hike out 8 tenths of a mile last Saturday morning. It wasn’t too hot then, the day got a bit toasty but nothing super bad. The bugs were the worst thing of the trip. The repellant didn’t stay on us due to sweat. That made the bugs love us. The real treat is the night was not our wonderful dinner of flame cooked hotdogs below but, the fire flys that I haven’t seen in a long time. They were great and abundant and it was a real treat. The moon was so bright that the stars were pretty well obscure from view. We also learned a lot of things this trip. Being our first overnight backpacking trip, we definitely had way too much stuff in our packs. Just for the record, my pack was nearly 60 pounds. Beau’s pack was about 45 which is more in line with what it should be. I did however, carry most all the food and half the water plus a touch more. We used all the water, had to hike back up to the RV camp ground 1/2 a mile away to refill our water just before dark. Coffee was cowboy coffee with real coffee. It was super good. I did not manage to many pics of breakfast Sunday morning. No Super stunning Mountain Views here in this part of the state, just some alone time from city with my handsome man.

As many of you may see, we did do some open fire cooking. I can say that stuff on the grill in the above pic was absolutely delish. Then we have the wild life that was to me, picture worth while of taking. It was a lovely trip and more to come I am sure.

Todays breakfast was home made corned beef hash. Crispy and not super dry just like I love it. Beau was getting his fill of it also. Now that we have to stay in due to the heat outside would be to much for such a meal. Beau is planning on going to do some yard work at his moms house. That is more to help his step dad. It is good that he has such a great heart. Its also sad on the same because family takes advantage of that god heart. Tonight I am planning a meat loaf that I have not done in a while. I Am not 100% sure what I am going to put with it just yet. I know some beans of some type. Maybe I will make a bit of my hated instant potatoes since that is really all I have available right now. That or rice.

I hope you all have a wonderful day today. We have to get our home chores done before he takes out to do what he plans on doing.

Love Candi

5 June Journal

Good Morning Everyone! Its Sunday and warm here low humidity and comfortable for now. Nothing on the agenda today at all. Finish laundry and maybe come up with something for dinner.

For a short week there was not the feeling of a short week this past last week. It was long stressful for such a week. Which is actually normal I think. Every time we are off on a Monday it seems we end up doing Monday a second time but heavier. Anyway, I made it through it and so did Beau since he had a busy and crazy week too. He did not get here to me until about 10 am yesterday. HE had to get his home chores done and finish up a project he committed himself to with the library where he lives. I need to get a few chores done today also aside from the laundry.

Tonight for dinner I am thinking I may make up a pizza from scratch. I have not done that in a while and think it would be nice. Something so “complicated” is actually not that hard to be honest. I need to decide what toppings I want to put on it though. It may require another run to the expensive grocery store for a couple things. I am not sure if the pepperoni I have is any good. I want some spinach on it and need to get some chicken laid out for the top of it also. I do not have mozzarella cheese though. Though I do not actually have to use that kind of cheese but it would be nice. I will have to see how much pizza dough I will end up with. I make my own dough now days. I ended up looking for a pizza dough that did not require yeast during the layoff of the pandemic. What I found was incredibly delicious and also held up for the pizza. I was actually impressed with it. Back then, yeast was not on the shelf since everyone was on the furlough and stuck at home. I Have made it many times since then and have yet to make it for Beau since we have started dating. I think it will be a wonderful thing considering the pizza we have had going out lately. Those pizza parlor pizzas have been totally horrible as of late. WIth the lazy folks not wanting to work and the uncaring nature of those who are working, it has become a hated thing to go out and eat. Though we went to a place yesterday called Las Tortugas. It was a bit pricey for the simplicity of the Mexican tortas and Tacos but, I will say it was very good and, the owner working the counter was not a mean hating person with a bad attitude about it. It was bright and airy in the restaurant. That was a wonderful thing to have that but it was more like a deli setting than a sit down and get waited on thing. For us Texans that remember Taco Cabana the serving style was much like that. However, the food was much better. Just a simple small place to eat.

Next week a this time, we will be sitting on a bluff watching the sun rise in the woods. LIstening to the chirping birds and enjoying some coffee out in the wild. I will be making my coffee in a different manner though. I cannot carry a percolator with me. Why would I you ask? I Hate instant coffee with a passion. I dont care for Drip coffee and do love my percolated coffee. Now with that, I am planning on doing an older fashioned way of making coffee. Bring the water to a boil, add the coffee grinds and let boil. Then add a touch of cold water to settle the grinds and then enjoy. Some people do not like percolated coffee and prefer the drip type of coffee from a pot or now days even that single use cup coffee that leads to tons of plastic waste. I Can use my grounds in the garden and keep away cats and stuff not to mention the benefits of the said grinds to the garden soil. I have a reusable metal can to use for cooking grease that is not wanted or for other projects. Back to our trip, We have some biscuits and gravy dehydrated and in the freezer for breakfast next Sunday. Some other meals are also dehydrated, spaghetti and a chicken rice dish. I am thinking about taking a few hotdogs and some buns for Saturday night. If Beau gets a fire going we can have some hotdogs for dinner with some onion and maybe a pepper of some kind. We do have to hike into our campsite so, the idea of taking anything meat or veggie wise that is less hardy or wont be used that evening is out. Certain veggies and meats such as sausages will keep in the heat long enough to get us through the day of hiking and to the evening. I think it will be a good trip either way.

Well Folks, I do need to get up and begin on some chores here. Then we can sit and do nothing for the day. I Hope you all have a wonderful day!!

Love Candi

29 May Journal

Happy Sunday everyone!! ITs a sunny cool morning in the low 60s and a warm up is a coming soon today. We are planning on going on a short hike today. We are both off until Tuesday and rest and chores are on our agenda this weekend. Yesterday we got a part fixed on my car, did our errands before that and had a wonderful dinner.

Speaking of dinner and food, we had a barbecue from the local BBQ joint in town, drove out with our food to the River Bottoms and watched the sunset and had dinner. I even got pics of a bee playing on a flower. Some Pics will be at the end of the post I guess. We had a taco salad yesterday for dinner that I made. It was so good that Beau nearly made himself sick eating so much. We went to do our errands and decided together to stop at a place and eat breakfast. And against our better judgment, went to a buffet. The place was not that good and has sealed our fate on boycotting buffets. The Golden Corral was not what I recall years ago for breakfast. I thought it was impossible to ruin breakfast. They did manage to do that in all ways. Nothing much was out, the biscuits were cold and well, the flavor was totally missing from the food. So that made the taco salad even better when I got it made around our dinner time. We watched TV for a while then went to bed.
Today we had breakfast and are doing the no hurry thing today. We have plenty of food ready to eat in the fridge and not much else on our agenda. I think we will get some car washing done if things go right today. If not today maybe tomorrow. IT is mostly a day of resting out here and remembering a lot of things that have come and gone in our lives and most importantly, our Veterans, Police, Fire and other emergency type folks that keep and protect our livelihoods.

So folks on to some pics of Fridays wonderful sunset. I do hope you all have a wonderful day!!!

Love Candi

223 May Journal

Good Sunday morning folks! Clouds and wetness ensue here today after last nights rain and storms. Good thing we went hiking yesterday morning and not today. Mud would be our hiking travel today if we had waited. We might have even waited and called it off. We have already been to the grocery, fixed breakfast and cleaned up the dishes. Ready to fix up the dinner of something I don’t care to use to be honest. Boxed hamburger helper is a waste of money in my opinion. Not to mention an insult to ones tastebuds. I will surely be adding to the recipe on the box with some veggies and other spices to suit what I prefer to have in my life and maybe make it a bit healthier. So we are going to rest a bit today since we are a bit tired from yesterday. THe heat and humidity we hiked in was not something we were 100% Ready for.

We do have a plan for a hike camp in a few weeks. One of the state parks has a reservable back country site. That could end up being our favorite place to camp. It is along a hiking trail and could be busy during the daytime on the weekends. It is overlooking where the Mississippi river used to actually run before a land movement caused by nature took it our farther than where it was. At the end of that trail is a spot or two where you can see the river flowing. It is away from town and not near any rail roads or city lights. The sounds of the barges going up and down the river may encroach the site at night. Though that is fun to watch at times. We did hike out a couple weeks ago and check it out. I am glad we did since it was something we been planning and working towards. Which we are enjoying very much. So we are working what what to take and what we want to eat. Of course, water, lots of water.

Speaking of water, yesterdays hike ended up hard on Beau due to the lack of him drinking enough water. He keeps wanting to give me his water. I have the same amount of water and obviously he is using more calories and water than I am when we hike. He also had on the wrong shirt yesterday and he was sweating and not gaining any cooling benefits from it. After breakfast this morning, I had finished laundry and did an experiment on our clothing. I attempted to breath through the shirt I had on and the one he had on. I could barely breath through the shirt bough was wearing due to the fabric and weave of it. My shirt was very easy to breath through so I got the cooling effects of the wetness of my shirt and the wind or breeze blowing through the shirt, Beau did not. So it is important to wear the correct clothing for the activity and the time of year you will be in. I have grown to enjoy the merino wool. No smells and cool in the summer and fast drying. Also comfortable but, it does come at a higher cost.

We need to finish up our chores and chill out. Hope you all have a great day.

Love Candi

15 May Journal

Good Morning Everyone! Its Sunday and I can say that summer temps are coming upon us here really fast and sudden. We have had some rain this week. The worst of it was Friday Afternoon. That has made the humidity jump now and well, its becoming a bit miserable outside.

This weekend we are working on chores. Those kinds of chores that tend to be let go. Magazines that have been read and junk mail to become shredded pieces of confetti. We went yesterday morning to Beaus place to mow his yard which has not been able to be mowed due to the family who doesn’t allow him to rest. HE will be missing three days of work for his step dad this coming week. That will be his third write-up and soon termination from a job that doesn’t value the people they have or allow for any time off for any reason whatsoever. So today we are planning on getting some cleaning done up around my place. Mostly on the inside. He calls me Miss Efficient and I tend to get things done in a short amount time and correctly. Its actually something he is not used to. We are trying to blend up two types of thinking processes and become more a couple to be honest. I am one, trying to learn to allow another person to handle things. Not to mention the fact I am a bit picky about certain items being done a certain way. I have been single so long that I just learned to handle my business and move on to the next thing or take time to rest. He on the other hand is learning to tell others no so he can have the time he needs to do what he needs to do. They wont help him but, require him to help them. Hits not a fun thing for sure. I Am hoping we can get the office area and the bathroom cleaned up today here at my home.

Beau mentioned yesterday that he wants to go out camping at least once a month. I thought that was kinda crazy with him. Since he isn’t all that good at hiking out just yet. Actually we are both still working on the whole stamina bit during a hike. I seem to fair better than Beau does. We are working on his stamina and knee issues that we have to be careful with mostly on the hills.

Well Folks, We have things to get done today. I hope you all have a wonderful day.

Love Candi

8 May Journal

Happy Sunday everyone! Happy mothers day to all the mothers out there and especially my momma. Happy to have you in my world.

Why does it seem that if you have skills or knowledge, you’re the one picked on to get things done while the ones with no knowledge seem to sit around making money doing nothing? Sometimes I wonder if I’d be better off had I known nothing or was stupid them I do knowing the various things I know. I’m not really sure it’s a bag thing. I mean I can know if I’m being cheated at a car dealer, plumbers or what ever. I also have an insatiable need to learn. At least those things that of interest to me. That could be just about anything to be honest. From mechanical to electronics, I have a knack for that stuff naturally. Then add that I’ve done those things most my life anyways, it adds to the ability to learn other stuff.

So Thursday I tried out some new Merino wool undies. Yes the panties. I already tried and love the socks so I got a couple more pair of those and a couple pair of panties. The cut I chose was great fitting for my shape and fit perfectly. So as I was getting ready for my shower, I noticed I said but have that normal nether region funk after a day of sitting walking and sitting and sweating. I’m my cotton ones I usually smell bad. If I’ve been camping it’s even worse in cotton panties. I did buy a couple of pair a couple months ago. The cut I didn’t like and they were a touch to big. So I ended up sending those to my daughter. I do hate the price tag but do love the feel and the texture against my skin. The lack of stench in the evenings or half way through the day is best. It also means that the funk and the bacteria causing it isn’t trapped in the hollow tubular confines of a cotton stand. Wool isn’t a tubular hollow strand so it wicks away the moisture and the funk. I’m a believer at this point. As the weather gets warmer I’ll be monitoring the idea as I get more time to wear the ones I have. Next will be bras.

So I found a backpacking “back country” camp site at one of the local state parks that is kinda close to home. They only have one there, unlike another one that has I think 4 with shelters. The other state park I like going to has three “primitive” sites, but you drive up to them not hike to them. THough that short drive is in the mud and or dirt depending on the last rains. So yesterday we hiked out to that camping site to see what it looks like and if we would like to stay there. It is about 3/4 of a mile out from the trail head. The distance from the car is a little bit farther about 8 tenths of a mile. So we went out, sat at the picnic table and had some dehydrated lunch I had made. We ate one and split it between us. That meal was actually pretty good for some dehydrated chili and cornbread I had made back in February. We rested there for an hour eating and chatting and allowing Beau to rest some. It is a nice camp site and others could join in. The fire pit is surrounded by some half logs on three sides for sitting around it. The logs are about 15 feet long or so. There are a few trees that would provide for our hammock set up and some shade is provided by ample trees in the area and still a sunny area to get some suntan going on. The trek to the site is pretty easy for the first eighth of a mile then you go up and down the ravines. Some in excess of 100 feet and steep. Beau had a tough time of it. I think he stepped wrong when we were nearly at the site. So we made it to the site and rested. After the site to the actual one mile mark was fairly flat and we made it to that marker and turned back heading to the car. After we reached about the quarter mile to go mark we stopped. I forced Beau to take a pain reliever and drink water. He was hurting and almost in tears. He is a real trooper trying to keep pushing through. I kept telling him that it is not a race and if he is hurting then we need to stop and rest a few. Which could be a double edged sword. Resting to much could cause pain to become worse or the joint in question to lock up. We slowed to a pace easier on him. I allowed him to move on ahead so I could keep an eye on him and I could see if something happened. By the time we got to the car his pain was a bit subsided. We dropped our packs and talked to the ranger for a few. We then headed out back to the house.
That was the first time we attempted a dehydrated meal from our kitchen. It came out very good. about 3/4 cup water was perfect for the helping of the chili that was packed out. Of course we had some of my homemade granola bars for dessert. We then packed back up the stove and pot and trash we created. Stopping for Mexican food on the way home we were a happy couple.

We have decided that Beau needs to get some better hiking clothing. Something breathable and light. He has been wearing his work pants, and a button down shirt with various sleeve lengths. I worry about my guy getting to hot. He has no clothing that wicks away sweat and cools very well. IN this humidity that is something we are going to have to be sure he has on. Even if it t-shirts that are better vented. We will be working on that soon.

So folks, it time to get moving on my Sunday chores everyone. I hope you all have a great day. Happy Mothers day to every mother!!!

Love Candi

1 May Journal

Happy Sunday folks. It has been one heck of a week or two. Last week we were totally exhausted when we returned from our trip. We took off to St Louis. Beau had a convention thing he wanted to attend as part of his hobby that he enjoys. I was happy to see him enjoying something that he likes. A similar thing happened yesterday when we stopped at a place and he got a chance to share his knowledge with the owner of the place. I never really had these thoughts and feelings before when my exes were into something. I only went along last week as a support person to ensure he was taken care of with food and water during what turned into our camping trip.

During the trip last week I made a decision to use my old army Alice pack. After last weekend I determined that it was not what I should use any more. I got my arms damaged from putting it on and off and also found out it weighed a bit more that what I was using. It weighed in excess of 50 pounds with the same stuff in it. Now with that I did add a 2 quart canteen and an “e-tool”. That only added about 4-5 pounds to the 30 pounds of pack I had with the other one I used to replace it. THe other issue I had was compartmentalization. I got to looking for something and had to unpack everything from the pack on the inside to find it. that really did suck. Then I had to repack everything again. So I since, after getting some rest, unloaded that heavy Alice Pack and repacked into the other pack. We will go about seeing what happens again from here. I do know I enjoyed the new pack now as much or better than I did my Alice pack back then. I am going to be cleaning my Alice Pack and storing it away for now. The light weight of the new pack, the compartments that can be used to separate the items from each other for easy removal of more frequently needed items.

As I write this, Beau and I are supposed to be watching our Sunday Morning News show together. But, his stepdad had other issues starting at 1 am. This man will not call 911 for help, will not use the insurance he has been paying on for some 60+ years to get what he needs in help and medical care. Nor will this man take care of and allow Medicare, insurance or other long-term care for Aging people to assist at all. This man always calls Beau for whatever may come no matter the time or the reason. Sometimes even to call and have someone to talk to. EVerything from turning the water (a pun) to mowing the yard is all called for Beau to do so. I will say that I am to the point of exploding because my man cannot get any rest for any reason because of his stepdads inability to have made plans or use the assets he worked for to ensure he himself and his wife (Beaus mom) are taken care of the way they should be. There is always a threat of one direction or another to get Beau over to stepdads house. And what sucks even more so is the fact that Beau is has lost money due to the “need” to care for these parental figures. See, Beaus job, also a family business does not allow for any time off for any reason of sickness, accidents, or even deaths. There is two vacations a year at the company’s time. Those two times are the week during or of July 4 and the week following Christmas. There is no time off at the discretion of the employee. If you are off three times you are terminated. For every minute you are late, you lose 15 minutes of pay. IF you are late I think 3 days in a row, they give you a day off with no pay. So to take time off for his mom or stepdad results in no pay. To many days off will eventually result in termination. However this job belonged to his brother-in-law (now deceased) now his sister has it. With all the time taken off this year for various reasons, I am shocked that he has not been terminated. All these attendance rules were set up by his brother-in-law. I do not feel they are fair to those who are there doing their jobs and need to have the time off for whatever reason. I do understand to that these rules were set up due to the idea of lazy people taking advantage of the system. I have been told there is no tolerance. Sadly I think the only saving grace is that Beau does perform about 3 different, maybe even 4 jobs, at the company.
So As I sit here alone, watching the show we normally watch together now, I am stewing on the idea of helping family. I am all for that help when its warranted and needed. Please do not get me wrong on the idea of helping or not helping family. But, when that “help” becomes abusive and “required” for the sake of an inheritance that, from what I hear, may or may not be there, then it is not worth the troubles anymore. That does seem to be a sad way to look at it. I do know that family is a very important thing. Taking care of and helping family is a great and rewarding thing. But when it becomes abusive as it has with Beau, then I feel it is time to walk away and find a new way to get the help to the loved ones. This would have to be done at the savior of ones own health because without that health of your own, you are of no use to anyone else.

Well folks, I am going to start on the dinner prep. Skewers of meat and veggies on the grill is what I plan. I will make a sauce to slather on them when they are cooking on the grill. Otherwise there is nothing else planned on being done today. MAybe a late breakfast somewhere.

Have a great day everyone!!!

Love Candi

17 April Journal

Good Sunday Afternoon everyone!!! ITs been a wet day and kinda slow for us today. We have been fighting some cold or sinus mess again. With this weather being all up and down it has really wreched havoc on us. I Think we are finally getting over it.

We are planning on going out of town this next weekend and go to something Beau wants to do. I do want to go an learn about it. We are planning on camping if it is allowed where we are going. Hoepfully it doesn’t rain on us.

Not really a whole lot of things happening around here honestly. I did do a crockpot full of beans, sausage and cabbage yesterday. IT was really good. Had made up some cornbread with it also. It turned out really good. We both enjoyed it. We are working on what we are wanting to eat next weekend. My cooking lately at has been a bit on the lacking side. But when I do cook I do try to make it last out a good bit. If Beau and I were to move in together I don’t think we would have as much left overs as I do now living single. We have talked about moving in together. We just have not found an affordable place within an area that would be best for both of us on our travels. Speaking of Beau, he sent a message one morning that said “I Love You” a couple weeks ago. I sent a GIF of a woman passing out. We had talked early on about saying those words. With our past, we decided not to say it anytime soon. I know for a fact that I have fallen in love with this man. No one has treated me as well as this man. There is so much more to us than sex and raving kisses. Its life and experiences and sharing with each other the things that we want to share with one another and learn about the others ideas of hobbies and taking at least a partial interest in them even if you don’t like them. Love is caring about the other person in a manner that they do feel wanted and needed. Anyways, I am trying to get where we can discuss the words again. I think we have passed the proving part which I dont think will ever stop being proved.

Well Folks, We are going to watch our show and then hit the hay. I am Working on a post about the open fire cooking I do and will see what I can do with it as I can get time. I think we are both exhausted. Hope you all have a great night!!!

Love Candi

10 April Journal

Happy Sunday Everyone!! Its Sunday and a sunny wonderful one. We did a 3 mile hike today. We did it in about an hour. I led the pace, we had a lighter pack and by the time we were done Beau was panting like a dog. We Moved along and didn’t stop really. We just kept moving at my long stepped Amazon pace. It was a good hike at a place rather close to home. This same area also has a few other trails one of which is nine miles long.

As we work on these short hikes and get gear working, I feel we may be getting closer to hitting a trail to a camping site via foot. There is at least one state park that is close to Beau’s place that allows that. We may not get to go until about Turkey Day though. We will probably need that time to get more prepared for hiking X amount of miles to a camping area.

As I been watching videos on hiking and bushcraft, I’ve noticed something. Hikers you see actually hiking, bushcrafters you rarely if at all see hiking to where they are going. I do know of one YouTuber who does show hiking into and sometimes out of the area where the bushcraft will happen. Short of that, nope never really see any hiking into where they are. I’m sure that too get the day of bushcraft video made already takes a considerable amount of time.. Then add to getting a video going into and out of I’m sure will add to that time.. Not to mention the editing and all that. I do get the whole thing but I still wonder if these folks are actually hiking several miles to a camping area.

I havent been cooking much of anything fancy this past week. Been busy resting up from last weeks trip. I am sure I will get back into cooking something more substantial. I did make some rice and chicken with asian type veggies this past week. I still have a little left that will probably be for lunch tomorrow. I have a chicken and something I plan on making tomorrow.

Anyways Folks, Its getting on time for bed now. Hate to cut it short. Hope you all have a great night!! We will be trying and try not to blow away in the wind we have the coming storms.

Love Candi

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